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Don't center most of the items, they should be bulleted and left justified, it is very difficult to read in the current format, especially for those who may have difficulty reading or seeing from various eye conditions including other medical condtitions that affect vision like MS or seizures. 2 Aug 2012

Corrected external links to Wiki that should have been internal and added $ sign to link to emphasize that it is a subscription site.L Avery 15:42, 19 August 2011 (UTC)

Information and Consideration

What a wonderful effort your community has made for the Canada Census article. We encourage your community to keep the valuable information coming. Your article would make a great Featured Article on the Main page of the Research Wiki when you have added to the topics as well as the references and citations. Thank you for your outstanding contributions thus far.

May I make a few suggestions:

Link Canadian National Censuses dates
Link Census Operations Division

Link:Indexes to Other Censuses 

After moving to the bottom of the page, I see you have links. When I looked at the "near top" of the article the Censuses were listed but not linked.  As a person who wants to find the information "now" - I may not get to the bottom of the page to find the links.  Just something to consider.

Thank you again for your superb efforts and contributions.

Featured Article Committee members