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Bromley St Peter and St Paul, Kent is the ancient parish which has not been linked. The Bromley Archive has several records which in conjunction with other Kent archival material for the Diocese and the Diocesan Architect's plans reflect the need to relieve the Ancient Parish by a church building development programme. The parish page contains links to the North West Kent Family History Society online pages for additional information of the development.

Kent Online Parish Clerks are in discussion with both Archive and Diocese to begin transcription of at least one parish (December 2012) in future.

Visitors to The Library, Bromley (formerly Bromley Central Library) may examine typed transcripts for the Ancient Parish as well as original register material depending on condition.

The Kent Library and Archive replaced the now vacated Centre for Kentish Studies and the text should be amended to reflect the new Archive location and facilities which opened in April 2012.

West Wickham, Kent is a parish in the Diocese of Southwark and all registers are kept at the church by the incumbent. Both Surrey Heritage Centre and Bromley Archive have been provided by the parish with typed transcripts relating to original register material for public use.  The Bromley Archive can therefore assist searchers but it is not accurate to say that material has been deposited at the Archive; indeed as a Diocese of Southwark parish the Surrey Heritage Centre would be the more likely recipient of register material unless the Diocese determined otherwise. The primary record source remains with the parish; the transcripts provided are secondary sources and since the original records are not available for public examination the transcript accuracy is open to debate. DowneOPC 11:51, 31 December 2012 (UTC)