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Guided Practice

[I posted this to the discussion on the Main Page but that apparently wasn't the correct place to discuss this so I'm repeating my comment here.]

The news [on the wiki Main page] of 24 June 2008 announces that training modules called "Guided Practice" are available but it doesn't link to these training modules. When "Guided Practice" is entered as a search term, the only close match is to the User Group Meeting of 18 June 2008--which requires even more clicks to be able to find because it's archived.

In order for this to be more useful for new contributors to the wiki, I suggest: 1) that a link be created from the new[s] announcement or within the Getting Started page, 2) That it is mentioned that "Guided Practice" is currently available for X topics, and 3) That it be linked to a category or something that will allow it to be found with a general search.

Genguide 14:39, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

  • The current main page (20 Nov 2008) does not announce Guided Practice availability. The guided practice, video tutorials, etc. related to authoring in the wiki are available from the Contributors page. Franjensen 18:04, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

Titles on this page

I don´t know how to do it, but I suggest adding a title to the left column named "How to start your family history" and a title for the second column called "How to start using FamilySearch Wiki", so that it is clear the purpose of each.