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Specific book reference?

I was trying to see which specific gazetteer this article refers to. I tried an FHLC search for the call number given at the top of the article, but there was no such entry in the catalog (Ref 943 E5mo). Then I did a keyword search for Meyers Gazetteer, and saw nothing that helped me know whether one of the entries listed was for the gazetteer this article mentions. I know Meyers Gazetteer is famous and well-used by people who know German research, but I haven't yet made the jump from PA to what is now Germany, so I don't know what specific book this article refers to. Could a full title and WorldCat and FHLC links be added to the article? Also, would the title be strengthened if the full title of the book were contained in the article title? Sorry for my ignorance.... Ritcheymt 21:54, 10 July 2009 (UTC)