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Talagante Province
Commune of Talagante

Guide to Commune of Talagante ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, church records, parish registers, and civil registration.


  • The Sapa Inca Pachacútec began an expansive campaign that was concluded by his heirs, setting the Maule River as the limit. The Inca commander Ilabe was established in the valley of Llollehue. There they also founded a colony and a fortress, which were left in charge of Tala Canta, the son of the Inca. In this way the name Talagante was derived.
  • Once founded the capital of the Kingdom of Chile, Bartolomé Blumenthal, carpenter and builder (as well as financier of Valdivia), was commissioned to look for wood for this land. In this way Blumenthal arrived at the lands of the Inca Tala Canta fortresses, the Inca and Blumenthal came to have a great understanding. Blumenthal the Inca not only provided him with wood but also gave him labor for the construction of Santiago .. The Inca family converted to Christianity and the girlfriend of Bartolomé Blumenthal was baptized with the name of Elvira, who happened to be the new cacique Elvira de Talagante.
  • Talagante was officially founded in December 1837, with the new name of Villa Santa Maria de Talagante.
  • The economic activities of Talagante depended on a base of agriculture.
  • The commune of Talagante has an approximate population of 65,000 people[1].

Civil Registration

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Parish Records


  • Cementerio Parroquial de Talagante
    Address: Bellavista, Talagante


  • Población Bernardo O´Higgins
  • Población Clara Solovera I II
  • Población David Arellano Moraga
  • Población Las Palmeras
  • Población Los Lagos
  • Población Malteria
  • Población Manuel Rodríguez
  • Población Nueva Imperial
  • Población Parque Trebulco I II III
  • Población Rolando Alarcón
  • Población Tegualda I II III
  • Villa Cordillera
  • Villa Costanera Verde
  • Villa el araucano
  • Villa Esmeralda I II III IV V VI VII
  • Villa Futuro I II III
  • Villa Invasa
  • Villa Las Achiras
  • Villa Las Cadenas
  • Villa Las Gredas
  • Villa Las Hortensias
  • Villa Loreto
  • Villa Los Ciruelos
  • Villa Los Nogales
  • Villa Mónaco
  • Villa Niño Jesús
  • Villa Ojos del Salado
  • Villa Pablo Neruda
  • Villa Puertas del Sol
  • Villa Tocornal
  • Villa Virginia


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