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Syracuse, New York Cemeteries

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Ahavath Achim[edit | edit source]

Jamesville Avenue

Anshe Sfard[edit | edit source]

Jamesville Avenue

Arsenal[edit | edit source]

aka Old Arsenal, House

Assumption Catholic[edit | edit source]

2401 Court

Beth-El /  Beth Israel / Mount Sinai[edit | edit source]

see Mount Sinai / Beth-El / Beth Israel

Beth Tzedec Memorial Park[edit | edit source]

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception[edit | edit source]

Chevra Shas[edit | edit source]

aka Congregation Beth Sholom

Jamesville Avenue / Comstock Avenue

First Ward[edit | edit source]

Franklin Park[edit | edit source]

Frumah Packard[edit | edit source]

Linas Hatzdeck[edit | edit source]

aka Zedeck Va'emes Society

House[edit | edit source]

see Arsenal

Islamic Society of Central New York[edit | edit source]

925 Comstock Ave

Lodi[edit | edit source]

Beech Street

Loomis Hill[edit | edit source]

McClure & Scott[edit | edit source]

Morningside[edit | edit source]

founded 1899, Comstock Avenue, operated by Oakwood since 1962

see Oakwood since consolidated.

Mount Sinai/Temple Beth El[edit | edit source]

aka Beth Israel

300 East Colvin

Native American Site 1[edit | edit source]

Native American Site 2[edit | edit source]

Oakwood[edit | edit source]

740 Oakwood Ave

The Historic Oakwood Cemetery Preservation Association (HOCPA)
P. O. Box 65
Syracuse, NY 13215

Old[edit | edit source]

see Franklin Park

Old Arsenal[edit | edit source]

see Arsenal

Old Saint Mary's[edit | edit source]

Onondaga County Veterans Memorial[edit | edit source]

Onondaga Valley[edit | edit source]

Our Lady Queen of Virgins[edit | edit source]

Pet Haven[edit | edit source]

Poiley Tzedek[edit | edit source]

between East Colvin Avenue and Comstock Avenue

Rose Brighton (Old Danforth)[edit | edit source]

Brighton Street

Rose Hill[edit | edit source]

900 Lodi (administered by the City of Syracuse Parks Department)

Rosenbloom / Adath Israel[edit | edit source]

founded 1864, 800 East Colvin Avenue
for younger Adath Yeshurun Cemetery, see Temple Adath Yeshurun, below

Saint Agnes Catholic[edit | edit source]

2315 South Ave
office: 242 E. Onondaga

Saint Cecelia[edit | edit source]

Saint Joseph's[edit | edit source]

aka St. Joseph's German
801 Pond and 700 First North

1859 to 1953, abandoned, identified remains reinterred elsewhere while the unidentified ones were dumped in a common grave at the Assumption Cemetery.

Saint Mary's[edit | edit source]

Renwick Avenue, removed to Fayetteville Road

removed in 1914

Saint Michael's[edit | edit source]

Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox[edit | edit source]

Jamesville Avenue

Spring & Free Street[edit | edit source]

Temple Adath Yeshurun[edit | edit source]

Temple Beth Shalom - Chevra Shas[edit | edit source]

see Chevra Shas

Temple Society of Concord[edit | edit source]

Interments at the Woodlawn Cemetery

Water & Franklin Street[edit | edit source]

See Franklin Park

Wilborn[edit | edit source]

Salt Springs Road
Demolished in 1928, remains removed to North Orville and Young Family cemeteries.

Woodlawn[edit | edit source]

1130 Grant Ave

Workmen's Circle[edit | edit source]

Jamesville Avenue

Young Israel Sharrie Torah[edit | edit source]

Comstock Avenue