Swedish Occupation: Kronofogden

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Historically, a Kronofogde acted as the High Bailiff (or head officer) over a fögderi within a härad. The Kronofogdens most important responsibility was tax collection but he also was executor over legal complaints both for the Crown or private individuals. He was the head police chief and prosecutor for the Härad. He would also carry out official auctions. The Kronofogden was also called Befallningsman or Kronobefallningsman. Do not confuse these titles with the Konungens Befallningshavande (KB) who was the county governor. The responsibilities of the Kronofogden were revised in 1965 with the creation of the Kronofogdemyndighet (the modern Kronofogde Authority.) 

The Kronofogden had jurisdictional authority over a Kronofogdedistrikt.

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