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1849 October Elder Erastus Snow of the Quorum of the Twelve called at General Conference to establish the Church in Scandinavia.
1850 Beginning of the Scandinavian Mission with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.
1850 First missionary in Sweden, John Erik Forsgren.
1850, July 26 First baptism in Sweden, Peter Adolf Forsgren.
1851, Oct. 1 First number of “Skandinaviens Stjerne” printed in Danish.
1852, Jan. First emigration of Swedish saints (9 total) to Utah.
1852, Spring Second attempt to do missionary work in Sweden. Mikael Johnson sent to Sweden.
1852, Aug. 14 At the Scandinavia Mission Conference in Copenhagen, Anders W. Winberg, Nils Capson, and Ola Nilsson appointed to labor as missionaries in Southern Sweden.
1852, Dec. First large organized emigration group from Scandinavia. Only 3 Swedes – John Eric Forsgren and siblings.
1853, Apr. 24 First branch in Sweden organized in Skönabäck, Malmöhus.
1858 All Utah Elders called home because of Johnston Army. Emigration stopped for short period.
1875, Oct. 3 Two elders called to labor in Finland.
1877, Jan. 3 First number of the Nordstjernan published in Göteborg, Sweden
1878 Book of Mormon printed in the Swedish language
1887 End of the “Perpetual Emigration Fund”
1888 Doctrine and Covenants printed in the Swedish language
1905 Sweden was taken from the Scandinavian Mission and the Swedish Mission was organized.
1905 Church purchased large apartment building in Stockholm (the first building owned by the church in Sweden).
1912-1914 Swedish parliament allocated funds to counter Mormon missionary activities by printing anti-Mormon publications.
1915 Swedish parliament refused to fund further anti-Mormon campaigns
1914-1918 World War I, American born missionaries left Sweden.
1920 Sweden’s department of Foreign Affairs restricted the issuance of visas to Mormon missionaries.
1924 June Sweden began issuing visas to Latter-day Saint missionaries again.
1927 Pearl of Great Price printed in the Swedish language
1927 The term Conference was changed to District and the title Conference President was changed to District


1939 Oct. All American born missionaries left Sweden because of World War II.
1946 Missionaries from America were again serving in Sweden.
1952 Sweden passed a law guaranteeing religious freedoms for all non-state churches.
1975, Apr. 20 1st Stake in Sweden organized( Stockholm Sweden Stake)
1976 Sweden was formed into two missions: the Sweden, Göteborg Mission and the Sweden, Stockholm Mission.
1977 Nov. 20 2nd Stake in Sweden organized (Göteborg Sweden Stake)
1982 The Sweden, Göteborg Mission was combined with the Sweden, Stockholm Mission creating only one mission, the Sweden, Stockholm Mission.
1985, July 2 Stockholm Sweden Temple was dedicated by Gordon B. Hinckley.
1995 Aug. 20 3rd Stake in Sweden organized (Stockholm Sweden South Stake)
1996, Sept. 1 4th Stake in Sweden organized (Malmö Sweden Stake)


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