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Sweden: LDS Church Records

In using any of the L.D.S. Swedish emigration sources remember the surname may appear as the usual patronymic name or the surname may be the surname of the person’s father. Some names have various forms so it may appear in a variety of ways. For example the name John (in U.S. records) may also be recorded as Jan, Johannes, Jaen, Johan, Janne, Jean, Jens, Jo, Joen, John, Jon, or Jöns in the Swedish records.

Scandinavian LDS Mission Index

A microfiche index (FHL #6060482)of information found in all the L.D.S. Scandinavian branch, mission and district records was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The information on the fiche is organized according to the source it was extracted from. Because an individual might have been listed in multiple sources, there might be multiple entries on the fiche for the same individual. Entries could include:
• Birth date and place
• Parent’s names
• LDS baptism date and place
• By whom baptized
• LDS confirmation date
• By whom confirmed
• Blessing date of children.
• Information about priesthood callings
• Movements from one branch to another
• Emigration information

This is an alphabetical listing by surname first. It should be remembered to look under all possible phonetic spellings and that an individual may appear on more than one entry for different information.

An example of how to do a search in the Scandinavian L.D.S. Mission Index follows:
Let's say the ancestor's name was Paulus Svedin. It was known that he was born in Sweden but his mother had joined the L.D.S. church and moved to Copenhagen to enjoy religious freedom.

Start by going to the F.H.L.Catalog and do a 'Film/Fiche Search'. Type in the microfiche number #6060482. Click on any of the 'Scandinavian LDS Mission Index' links. Click on 'View Film Notes'. Scroll down to the right surname set (between Struve and Thoresen). Svedin would be between fiche numbers 321 and 330. A guide to the microfiche numbers can also be found in the back of volume one of “Passport to Paradise: The Copenhagen ‘Mormon’ Passenger Lists.”

Paulus Svedin was found on fiche 326. The index showed:

  • He was baptized in Carlskrona in 1875.
  • His Birth place is given as 22 Jan 1859 in Carlskrona.

On another fiche his name is listed as Paulus Swedin. This gave his emigration information as 29 Sep 1887 from Copenhagen.

Record of Members, 1852-1951

LDS Membership Records are available on microfilm at the Family History Library or its centers. The record of members may include:
• Baptisms
• Confirmations
• Blessings of children
• Priesthood ordinations
• Minutes of meetings
• Emigrations
• Deaths
• Excommunications
• Other miscellaneous information.

Membership records can be found in the FamilySearch Catalog under Sweden -- Church Records – Record of Members, 1852-1951. By clicking “view film notes” all branches and districts (conferences) will be listed alphabetically. Select the branch or district you are interested in and obtain the film number to the right. Remember the name of the branch a member attended may not be the same as where they resided.

See FSWiki article: Sweden: L.D.S. Branches and Wards
See FSWiki article: Sweden: L.D.S. Conferences, Districts, and Stakes

Records of deceased members of the Scandinavian Mission up to March 1st, 1895

This is a handwritten copy on 118 pages of a large ledger book probably kept by someone in the Mission Office in Denmark. This record is an alphabetical listing of the members of the Church in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden who died during the years 1852 to 1896. There are about 1,861 names for whom ordinance work was done beginning 18 Oct 1906 and finished 26 June 1907. A microfilm of the manuscript is available on FHL INTL Film # 0,041,933.
Information given includes:
• Name
• Birth date and place
• Baptism date
• Place and by whom baptized
• Endowment date and the name of the proxy

Early Church Information File

This is a microfilm copy of the Early Church Information Card Index in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is an alphabetical index of some members of the LDS Church, primarily from sources from 1830 to the mid-1900s. Sources include LDS church records, journals, biographies, cemetery records, immigration records and published books.

Other General LDS Sources

There are also other general LDS sources that may be helpful in early Scandinavian research and writing of family history. These are collective sources for all membership and not just Scandinavians. For information on these sources and microfilm numbers, please see Laureen R. Jaussi and Gloria D. Chaston’s books entitled “Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers Volumes 1 and 2 (US/CANADA Book 979.2258 A3j v. 1 and 2 – also 2 microfiches # 6031507).
The volumes include information and call numbers or microfilm numbers for the following:
• Endowment House Endowments and sealings of Couples – for the living
• Temple Index Bureau (TIB)
• LDS Church Census (Stakes and Missions) 1914-1935
• Vital Records of Utah Counties
• Obituary Card Index (1839-1970) An index to obituaries in Salt Lake City, Utah newspapers and early LDS periodicals compiled by LDS Church Historical Department.
• Federal Censuses of Utah 1850, 1860, 1870
• Missionary Records (1830 to 1950)

  • LDS Emigration Records
  • LDS Swedish Emigration

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel (1847-1868) Database

This online database lists individuals and companies of Mormon pioneer emigrants who traveled to Utah. All or some of the following information may be given for a pioneer: company, leader of company, departure date, arrival date in the Salt Lake Valley, name of pioneer, birth, death, gender, other pioneer information and sources. To use this source go to: Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, or through www.lds.org. Then click on “about the church” followed by clicking on “Church history”. Here you will find the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel 1847-1868.

1872-1894 The Copenhagen “Mormon” Passenger Lists.

Original documents are found in the National Archives in Copenhagen, Denmark. These are passenger lists of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) from the Scandinavian Mission who emigrated between the years 1872 to 1894. These lists may include the contract number, person’s full name, age, last occupation, last place of residence, marital status, destination, and other miscellaneous information. Lists include the sailing date and the name of the ship. A microfilm copy is available at the Family History Library and has the Family History Library film number 0,040,994. (See Passport to Paradise for a printed version of the lists with an index).

1872-1894 Passport to Paradise

This is a set of two printed volumes containing the names in the Copenhagen “Mormon” Passenger Lists, 1872-1894. An index of the passenger lists is found in volume 2. The passenger lists give the name of the head of household, name/s of Family member/s, occupation or relation, age gender, marital status, and last place of residence (which is usually only the name of the country). Each passenger list gives the name of the ship, date of departure, ports of departure and arrival, and often names of leaders and historical information about the group. Pictures of some of the ships that brought Scandinavian saints to the United States are in volume one. Available at the Family History Library under the call number INTL REF AREA 973 W3a volumes 1 and 2.

1905-1932 Emigration records

The original records are in the LDS Church Historian’s Office in Salt Lake City. A microfilm of original records is available at the Family History Library with the Film # 0,025,700. These records are of the emigration of L.D.S. Church members from the Swedish Mission for this time period. An individual record includes the member’s name, age, residence, port and date of departure, destination, and other miscellaneous information. This is indexed in the Early Church Information File.

1852-1920 Emigration records, Scandinavian Mission (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

This is a record of the members of the Scandinavian Mission who immigrated to the United States from 1852 to 1920. The record lists the person’s name, age, residence, occupation, name of mission conference where a member, destination in the U.S. and other miscellaneous information. The original record has been microfilmed and can be viewed at the Family History Library or its Centers on the two films: FHL INTL Film # 025,696 and 025697.  The record is indexed in the Early Church Information File.  An extraction by Aurelia Clemons of the film # 025696 for the years 1852 to 1881 is available  in a printed book at the Family History Library.  The Call number is FHL INTL Book 948 W2ca.  There are two volumes.  Volume 1 covers 1853 to 1870.  Volume 2 covers 1871 to 1881.  This is also available on line at http://aurelia-clemons.dk.

History of the Scandinavian Mission 1850-1905

This book, written by Andrew Jenson, gives a chronological recording of the history of the Scandinavian Mission. This book is found at the Family History Library with the call # SCAND 948 K2j. You will find: names of mission leaders, dates of departure and arrival, biographical information on some leaders and missionaries, names of missionaries, experiences and hardships of missionaries and leaders, emigration companies with details of travel, numbers, and leaders.

Saints on the Seas: A Maritime History of Mormon Migration, 1830-1890

This book is found at the Family History Library with the call # US/CAN 289.309, So59s. It gives the following: sea routes of Mormon emigration, Mormon migration river routes, pictures of vessels, departure date and port, arrival date and port, name of company leader, and information about each company and ship.

Ships, Saints, and Mariners: A Maritime Encyclopedia of Mormon Migration 1830-1890

This book is found at the Family History Library with the call # US/CAN 973 W2ss. This is an encyclopedia which describes over 300 sailing and steam vessels important in maritime and Mormon history.  Pictures of vessels are included with interesting facts and some experiences on voyages.

Legacy of Sacrifice: Missionaries to Scandinavia 1872-1894.

This book is found at the Family History Library with the call # US/CAN 948 K2. Details of the lives of L.D.S. missionaries to the Scancinavian Mission (Sweden, Norway and Denmark until 1905) including a summary of personal and family data and a brief biography. Most biographies include a portrait photograph. Comprehensive list of contributors.


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