Survivors of Bunker Hill in 1825

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The following list of one hundred and eighty officers and soldiers of the Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775 were present at the laying of the corner-stone of the Bunker Hill Monument June 17, 1825. The list was published in The Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Year Book, 1894. FHL 974 C4sar 1894 and is arranged by Regiment. See also William Henry Whitmore. A Memorial of the American Patriots who fell at the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. (Boston 1889)
Name Rank Age Town Regiment
Aaron Noyes Private 67 Andover. Frye's
Simeon Tyler Private 72 Camden, Maine Frye's
Ebenezer Peabody Sergeant 82 Boxford. Frye's
William Davis Private 77 Haverhill. Frye's
Stephen Emory Private 77 Winchendon. Frye's
Johnathan Stevens Private 78 Andover. Frye's
John Barker Private 72 Andover. Frye's
Ivory Hovey Corporal 75 Boxford. Frye's
Ezekiel Wardwell Private 73 Andover. Frye's
Joseph Dane Private 71 Andover. Frye's
John Stevens Private 78 Greenwich. Frye's
Elias Pike Private 69 Salisbury. Frye's
Philip Bagley Private 69 Newburyport. Frye's
Theophilus Frye Private 70 Andover. Frye's
Simon Wardwell Private 73 Andover. Frye's
Stephen Long Private 73 Andover. Frye's
Aaron Merrill Corporal 71 Hampton, N.H. Frye's
John Towne Private 85 Boxford. Frye's
Jacob B. Currier Private 72 Amesbury. Frye's
Benjamin Farnum Captian 78 Andover. Frye's
John Holden Private 73 Leicester. Doolittle's
Elnathan Sawtell Private 72 Groton. Doolittle's
Samuel Jones Private 67 Sudbury. Doolittle's
Benjamin Butman Private 71 Dixmont, Maine Doolittle's
Robert Steel Drummer 66 Dedham. Doolittle's
David Brewer Private 73 Framingham. Doolittle's
Isaac Smith Fifer 72 Holliston. Doolittle's
Moses Greenwood Private 71 Hopkinton. Doolittle's
Josiah Haskell Private 69 Boston. Doolittle's
Thomas Davis Private 71 Holden. Doolittle's
John Brett Private 69 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Moses Bennett Private 70 New Gloucester, Maine Doolittle's
Abraham Perkins Private 78 Ipswich. Doolittle's
John Burnham Lieutenant 75 Londonderry, N. H. Doolittle's
John Cook Private 72 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Benjamin Gould Sergeant 74 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Daniel Somerby Private 69 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Benjamin Webber Private 70 Gloucester. Doolittle's
Nathaniel Wade Captian 75 Ipswich. Doolittle's
Joseph Hodgkins Leiutenant 82 Ipswich. Doolittle's
Jabez Farley Sergeant 70 Ipswich. Doolittle's
Amos Pearson Private 76 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Jonathan Woodman Sergeant 75 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Lemuel Coffin Private 70 Newburyport. Doolittle's
Simeon Noyes Private 67 Salem. Doolittle's
Elisha Parker Private 66 Hopkinton. Gerrish's
William Marden Private 70 Portsmouth, N. H. Gerrish's
Theodore Gridley Private 68 Paris N. Y. Meigs's
Abijah Dickinson Private 73 Boston. Woodbridge's
John Tucker Sergeant 75 Gloucester. Mansfield's
Isaac Livermore Private 73 Leicester. Ward's
Newson Hastings Private 70 Brookfield. Ward's
Jonah How Sergeant 76 Shewsbury. Ward's
Job Spofford Sergeant 72 Berlin. Ward's
Nathan Johnson Private 77 Berlin. Ward's
Isaac H. Ely Private 68 Charlestown, N. H. Ward's
Nathan Fisher Sergeant 75 Westborough. Ward's
Nathan Craig Private 70 Spencer. Ward's
Thomas Sprague Private 70 Spencer. Ward's
Tilley Mead Private 68 Barre. Gardner's
Johnathan Clark Sergeant 79 Abington. Gardner's
John Hoppin Private 69 Templeton. Gardner's
William Cary Private 71 Oxford. Gardner's
Nathaniel Twing Private 81 Brookfield. Gardner's
Samuel Ivers Private 72 Boston. Gardner's
Joseph Powers Private 66 Charlestown Gardner's
Jonas Pierce Private 75 Hopkinton. Gardner's
Enoch Baldwin Sergeant 71 Milton. Gardner's
Edward Harrington Private 67 Concord. Gardner's
Joseph Trask Sergeant 75 Billerica. Gardner's
Leonard Parks Fife-Major 65 Cambridge. Gardner's
Richard Loring Private 65 Newburyport. Gardner's
Greshom Hyde Private 67 Newton. Gardner's
William Dickson Private 67 Charlestown. Gardner's
John Edmunds Private 68 Malden. Gardner's
Abel Parmenter Private 70 Sudbury. Brewer's
James Dalrymple Private 68 Marlboro. Brewer's
Aaron Haynes Fifer 66 Princeton. Brewer's
Samuel Wheeler Private 82 Concord. Brewer's
John Coolidge Private 73 Natick. Brewer's
John Ware Corporal 72 Deerfield. Brewer's
Baroc Leland Private 69 Shelburne. Brewer's
Ephraim Sherman Private 68 East Sudbury. Brewer's
William Clark Private 72 Shelburne. Brewer's
Zitron Hooker Drummer 68 Newton. Brewer's
Benjamin Bullard Captian 84 Hopkinton. Brewer's
Edmund Rice Private 69 East Sudbury. Brewer's
Isaac Goodenow Private 67 Lincoln Nixon's
Nath'l Rice Private 75 East Sudbury. Nixon's
Moses Richardson Sergeant 77 Concord. Nixon's
Henry Gales Private 68 Hubbardstown. Nixon's
William Warren Lieutenant 74 Worchester. Nixon's
Jesse Smith Private 69 Salem. Nixon's
Nehemiah Abbott Private 71 Lincoln. Nixon's
William Thorning Private 67 Lexington. Nixon's
Joseph Nichols Q. M. Sergeant 70 Grafton. Nixon's
Henry Flint Private 73 Carlisle. Nixon's
John Trowbridge Private 73 Framingham. Nixon's
Samuel Temple Private 73 Acton. Nixon's
Solomon Smith Private 73 Acton. Nixon's
Thomas Thorp Private 69 Acton. Nixon's
Thaddeus Moore Private 72 Hillsboro, N. H. Nixon's
Onezimus Newell Private 69 New Ipswich, N. H. Hutchinson's
James Varnum Sergeant 77 Dracut. Bridge's
Thomas Emerson Private 68 South Reading. Bridge's
Amos Foster Private 73 Tewksbury. Bridge's
William French Private 73 Dunstable. Bridge's
David Parker Private 71 Reading. Bridge's
Daniel Nutting Private 69 Westford. Bridge's
William Low Private 74 Gloucester. Bridge's
John Wright Private 69 Billerica. Bridge's
Francis Mitchell Private 77 New Ipswich, N. H. Bridge's
Jacob Frost Private 72 Norway, Maine Bridge's
Ebenezer Parker Private 78 South Reading. Bridge's
Johnathan Weston Private 68 South Reading. Bridge's
Hezekiah Thorndike Private 71 Chelmsford. Bridge's
Jonas Varnum Private 75 Dracut. Bridge's
Jonathan Beard Private 75 Harvard. Bridge's
Benjamin Butterfield Private 66 Chelmsford. Bridge's
Francis Davidson Private 72 Londonderry, N. H. Bridge's
Abijah Fox Private 72 Dracut. Bridge's
John Goodridge Private 71 Leominster. Whitcomb's
Abram Hagar Private 70 Princeton. Whitcomb's
George Leach Private 72 Salem. Whitcomb's
Abijah Wood Private 71 Westminster Whitcomb's
Samuel Bassett Private 71 Keene, N. H. Whitcomb's
Enos Reynolds Private 68 Boxford. Whitcomb's
Isaac Andrews Private 70 Hillsboro, N. H. Whitcomb's
Richard Gilchrist Private 74 Dublin, N.H. Whitcomb's
Timothy Gordon Private 68 Newbury. Whitcomb's
Caleb Stark Private 65 Dunbarton, N. H. Whitcomb's
Josiah Pierce Private 75 Buckland. Prescott's
Obadiah Perry Corporal 78 Westford. Prescott's
John Hart Surgeon 72 South Reading. Prescott's
Samuel Lawrence Corporal 72 Groton. Prescott's
John Pushee Private 77 Westford. Prescott's
Thomas Bixby Sergeant 72 Francestown, N.H. Prescott's
Jonas French Private 67 Dunstable. Prescott's
Sampson Wood Private 65 Gorton. Prescott's
Moses Blood Private 75 Pepperell. Prescott's
Josiah Seward Private 70 Sullivan, N. H. Prescott's
Ephraim Robbins Private 77 Lancaster. Prescott's
Uriah Wright Private 71 Beverly. Prescott's
Nathan Maynard Private 75 Jaffrey, N. H. Prescott's
Amos Farnsworth Private 71 Groton. Prescott's
Jonathan Minot Sergeant 76 Westminster. Prescott's
Jonathan Wheelock Drummer 66 Concord. Prescott's
Samuel Seward Private 68 Sullivan, N. H. Prescott's
Abraham Childs Lieutenant 84 Groton. Baldwin's
Soloman Twist Private 70 Boston. Baldwin's
James Clark Captian 95 Lebanon, Conn. Putnam's
Elijah Simons Private 69 Chaplin, Conn. Putnam's
John Yeomans Private 72 Norwich, Conn. Putnam's
Josiah Cleveland Private 71 Oswego, N. Y. Putnam's
Caleb Barton Private 69 Leicester. Putnam's
Calvin Stevens 71 Mt. Vernon, N. H. Uncertain
Jonathan Maynard 70 Framingham. Uncertain
Daniel Jackson Sergeant 72 Newton. Artillery
Daniel Ingersoll Lieutenant 74 Keene, N. H. Artillery
Samuel R. Trivitt Captian 74 Boston. Artillery
William Harris Private 70 Marblehead. Artillery
Henry Hanson Private 72 Marblehead. Artillery
Joshua Danforth Private 70 Saugus. Artillery
Ephraim Squires Private 72 Ashford, Conn. Artillery
Rueben Baker Private 70 Lunenburg. Artillery
James Frost Adjutant 77 Cambridge. Artificers
Jeduthan Wellington Private 75 West Cambridge Volunteers
Holland Wood Sergeant 72 Walpole, N. H. Reed's
William Campbell Sergeant 75 Francestown, N. H. Reed's
Joseph Greely Private 68 W. Nottingham, N. H. Reed's
Daniel Lake Private 71 Rindge, N. H. Reed's
Enos Lake Private 69 Rindge, N. H. Reed's
Isaac Wright Private 71 Dunstable. Reed's
Nehemiah Wright Private 69 Nelson, N. H. Reed's
Russell Dewey Fifer 71 Westfield. Reed's
Daniel Brown Private 69 Moltonborough, N. H. Reed's
Elias Brown Lieutenant 83 Boston. Reed's
Benjamin Mann Captian 85 Troy, N. Y. Reed's
Joseph Boutelle Private 68 Reading. Reed's
Jacob Pierce Sergeant 75 Jaffrey, N. H. Reed's