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The following types of records are available in Romania for family history research. The words in italics are the Romanian words for these records. The years for which these family history records are available is also presented. Detailed descriptions of these records appear in other pages in the wiki, which can be accessed from the Romania page.

  • Cemetery records are available from about 1900 to the present.
  • Census records (recensamînt) start in 1785 in the Banat, 1828 in Transylania, and 1848 in the rest of Romania. They are available until the 1941 census.
  • Church records: parish registers (registre parohiale) begin around 1600 in Transylvania, 1701 in the Banat and 1775 in the rest of Romania. Transcripts of some parish registers are available beginning in 1806. Church records are available until 1920.
  • Citizenship records (registre cetatenie) are available from 1500 to 1900.
  • Civil registration (stara civila) started in Walachia and Moldavia in 1865, in Transylvania and the Banat in 1895, and in 1919 in Bessarabia, Bukovina & Dobrogea. Birth records are available until 1930, marriages until 1950 and deaths to the present.
  • Emigration records (registre emigrare) are available from 1875 to 1950.
  • Guardianship records (tutori) were recorded from 1648 to 1848.
  • Guild and apprenticeship Records were kept form 1450 to 1800.
  • Land parceling records (protocoale devizorale) date from 1573 to 1848.
  • Military eligibles (registre militare) were kept from 1822 to 1873.
  • Military records are available from the 1850s.
  • Population records (actele politiei) of inhabitants and migrants were kept from 1848 to 1895.
  • Probate records (testamente si succesiuni) were recorded starting in 1648 and ending in 1871.
  • Records of the securitate were kept from 1945 - 1989.
  • Tax records (registre de impozite) in the archive extend back to 1520 and end in 1848.
  • Other records that may contain information related to family history include:
    • Business records (socoteli economice)
    • Court records (protocoale judiciare)
    • Land registers (socotelile oraselui, mai tirziu socotelile alodiale)
    • Military recruitment records (acte privind recrutalile)
    • Municipal council records (protocoale ale magistratului)
    • Pension records (pensii)