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United States

Brief History

First chartered by Benning Wentworth on Aug. 6, 1763 and contained 13,426 acres. The governor attempted to grant the exact same parcel the following year as the town of Dunbar.  Recognizing the error, Wentworth permitted the second grant to expire and Sudbury remained on the maps and Dunbar became a footnote in history. The colony of New York attempted to grant the same land as Halesborough in 1767, but that effort failed.

The earliest record of a regular meeting for conducting town business is dated January 15, 1789. However, earlier dated pages of this book of records are missing, and thus the date of the organization of the town is unknown.

According to the First United States Census, there were 47 families with a total population of 258. The population was 560 at the 2010 census.[1][2]

Historical Data

Town Histories 

History of Hyde Manor

Vital Records

FamilySearch Historical Records Collection has Vermont birth, death, and marriage records online.

Probate Records

The probate district for Sudbury is Fair Haven.
Fair Haven Probate Court
3 North Park Place
Fair Haven, VT 05743
Phone: (802) 265-3380

City Directories


1854 Rutland County, Sudbury map


The following is a list of cemeteries in present-day Sudbury. For location of cemeteries, see Cemeteries of Vermont, Rutland County, website at this link.


Town Records

Town Clerk Vital and Town Records, 1732-2005, can be found on FamilySerach (browse only images) at this link.

The Family History Library has microfilm of original records from the Sudbury Town Clerks Office. These include Day book, 1808-1882, Records of births, marriages, and deaths, 1758-1995; indexes to births, deaths, marriages, 1788-1949, and Town records, 1790-1840.

Sudbury Town Clerk
36 Blacksmith Lane
Sudbury, VT 05733
Phone: 802-623-7296


Rutland Herald online at this link.

Libraries and Historical Societies

Sudbury Historical Society
Town Clerk's Office, Sudbury, VT
Mailing Address: 36 Blacksmith Lane, Sudbury, VT 05733
Phone: (802) 623-7296
Contact: Steve Sgorbati, Town Clerk


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  2. History Rutland County Vermont, Edited by H. P. Smith and W. S. Rann, Syracuse, NY, 1886.

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