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Stockholm County
Stockholm City
Maps and Drawings

The Stockholm City Archive has about 2.5 million maps and drawings (such as blue prints, or plans) in its collection. The maps and drawings in the archive date from the 1600’s, up to the 1900’s. There are a few ways to search for maps and drawings, with some being easily accessible in digital format through the Maps and Drawings Index Database. Another database where you can search is through the Building Permits Database (which includes drawings or blueprints) from the time period 1700 – 1770. The Databases only contain a smaller portion of the original map and drawing documents. You can search the Index and Permits databases as beginning to your research and contact the Stockholm City Archive if further assistance is needed (to contact click here. As a note, many historical maps and drawings for Stockholm can also be found through the website Stockholmskällan (The Stockholm Source) at:

The Maps and Drawings Index Database

  • Building permits between 1713 – 1859
  • Drawings and maps of parishes from the early 1700’s to late 1800’s, with reference to the land organization (from the smaller properties to sections of the city).

To search the Maps and Drawings Index Database click here

Building Permits Database from 1700 – 1859

This database offers access to scanned documents. It contains maps and drawings that have been scanned and linked to the Map and Drawing Index database. At present the oldest documents are in the index.

Documents that are not accessible in digital format can be ordered through the Stockholm City Archive reading room. From there you can access other resources of the archive.

To search the Building Permits Database click here


Stockholmstadsarkiv website at: