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Stockholm County
Stockholm City
Indexed Church Records


For many years there have been a number of indexes to certain parish registers in Stockholm city. These registers have been in book form, found within the reading room of the city archive. The indexes are organized alphabetically by surname. Each index has been scanned into a PDF format for online access. The indexes are not complete for every parish in the city. Not all record types within a parish collection have been indexed. For example, you might find indexes to the clerical surveys, birth and christening records, and marriage records for a parish, but there is no index to the death records. Each index collection is organized by parish. You must search one parish at a time.

Searching the Indexes

1. You can search the indexes at: Register till kyrkböcker
2. Choose a parish of interest from the scrolling list.
3. Click a record type from the drop down menu and click Sök (search).
4. Select the span of years you want to search by clicking on the .pdf file out to the right.
5. Choose Open (to simply search online), or Save File (to save a copy of the PDF to your computer to search later). The file downloads for you to search. If you chose to “open” , the file opens immediately for you to search. If you chose “save”, you need to open the file yourself.

Vocabulary for this Page

Swedish English
Avbryt Exit
Bok Book
Död och begravningsbok Death and Burial book
Döda Dead
Fil File
Födelse och dopböcker Birth and christening books
Församling Congregation
Församlingsböcker Clerical Survey books
Husförhörslängder Clerical Survey Records
Inflyttningslängd Moving-in Record
Kyrkoböcker Church records
Lysnings och vigselböcker Engagement and Marriage books
Sök Search
Töm Clear
Register Index
Utflyttningslängd Moving-out record
Välg Choose


Stockholm stadsarkiv website at: