Stockholm: Brännkyrka

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Early even Vantör.
pre - 1562 the area for this parish belonged to Huddinge
1562 - 1588 its own parish.
1600’s broke from Erstavik
Between May 1, 1914 and 1930 its own parish.
After May 1, 1931its own parish.

  • Parishes Created From

1640’s Nacka
Jan. 1, 1931 Enskede
June 1, 1951 divided into two parishes Brännkyrka and Årsta.
Jan. 1, 1957 Hägersten and Vantör along with Årsta turned over to Enskede, at which time the record keeping district was disolved.

Stockholm: Brännkyrka
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Pastorat 1588 - 1914 Huddinge
Between Jan. 1, 1931 and Apr. 30, 1931 Brännkyrka and Enskede
Län Stockholms Överståthållarskap July 29, 1634 - 1967, Stockholm City merged with Stockholm County 1967
Landskap Uppland
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The original records associated to this parish are preserved with the Stockholm City Archives. See their website at: Stockholms stadsarkiv

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