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Stockton, Norfolk Genealogy

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==== Census records ====
FamilySearch Records includes collections of census indexes which can be searched online for freea. In addition FamilySearch Centres offer free access to images of the England and Wales   {{British Census through [ '''FHC Portal:'''] Computers here have access to the Family History Centre Portal page which gives free access to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions.|438850}}
[httpshttp://www.familysearch1881pubs.orgcom/learn/wiki/en/Category:England_Family_History_Centres+ for details of public houses in the 1881 census] to locate local Family History Centres in UK
[] Prior to locate outside UKthe 1911 census the household schedule was destroyed and only the enumerator's schedule survives.
Many archives and local history collections in public libraries in England and Wales offer online census searches and also hold microfilm or fiche census returns. Images of the census for 1841-1891 can be viewed in census collections at Ancestry (fee payable) or Find My Past (fee payable) The 1851 census of England and Wales attempted to identify religious places of worship in addition to the household survey census returns. [ Ancestry UK Census Collection] [ Find my Past census search 1841-1901] [ for details of public houses in the 1881 census] Prior to the 1911 census the household schedule was destroyed and only the enumerator's schedule survives. The 1911 census of England and Wales was taken on the night of Sunday 2 April 1911 and in addition to households and institutions such as prisons and workhouses, canal boats merchant ships and naval vessels it attempted to include homeless persons. The schedule was completed by an individual and for the first time both this record and the enumerator's schedule were preserved. Two forms of boycott of the census by women are possible due to frustration at government failure to grant women the universal right to vote in parliamentary and local elections. The schedule either records a protest by failure to complete the form in respect of the women in the household or women are absent due to organisation of groups of women staying away from home for the whole night. Research estimates that several thousand women are not found by census search. [;sourceid=1&amp;utm_source=Google+FMP+Main_CPC&amp;utm_medium=Key+Keywords&amp;utm_campaign=1911+census+ Find my Past 1911 census search]<br>
==== Poor Law Unions<br> ====

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