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I am arbitrating batches of "Mc" names. As an arbitrator I hate to needlessly "ding" an indexer when instructions allow for two ways of doing things but the arbitration system requires a choice as in Mc and Van prefixes.
The instructions say: "Indexing with a space or without a space after the prefix is acceptable."
The User's Guide says: "Sometimes it is difficult to tell from the way surnames with prefixes are written on the&nbsp;original record whether there is a space between the prefix and the surname. Either way<br>is correct. The system overlooks spaces."
The system does not overlook spaces for arbitration purposes. &nbsp;I am sure it will for searching purposes.
If instructions clearly directed indexers to go one way or the other it would save much arbitration and unnecessary "dings" to indexers. &nbsp;For those who care about their scores, please clear up this matter. &nbsp;Just in case you are going to say, "Type what you see," I will let indexers know that, until I hear otherwise, I take preference on the NO SPACE. You will not be "dinged" by me.
TIP:&nbsp;New Indexers may think that a TAB to leave the space blank and CNTR B to place &lt;BLANK&gt; in the space is the same thing. It isn't. &nbsp;Arbitrators are forced to "ding" you if you do not follow instructions carefully. TAB is used for non-required fields and BLANK for required fields. &nbsp;
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