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African American Resources for Georgia

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''[[United States]]   [[Image:Gotoarrow.png|RTENOTITLE]]  [[Georgia (state)|Georgia]]   [[Image:Gotoarrow.png|RTENOTITLE]]  [[African-American_Resources_for_Georgia|African Americans]]''
==== Pre-1870 Resources ====
"On the 36 rolls of this microfilm publication are reproduced the records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Georgia, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-69. A few papers are dated as early as 1862. The records consist of 34 volumes of communications sent, registers, and orders issued; and of unbound letters and reports received and miscellaneous papers. The documents were created or received by the Assistant Commissioner ...The records are part of Record Group 105, Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands. ...The editorial material for this publication was prepared by Elaine Everly." -- P. 1, 8.<br>
The library has bound numbers 791-800 together. Some numbers are missing.<br>
==== 1870-1900 Resources<br> ====
{{FHL|682718|title-id|disp=Africans in Georgia, 1870}} compiled by Roma Jones Stewart<br>
==== Books<br> ====
*<span id="1260349527131S" style="display: none" id="1260349527131S">&nbsp;</span>[ ''History of the American Negro and His Institutions, Georgia Edition Volume 1'']
*[ History of the American Negro and His Institutions, Georgia Edition Volume 2]
==== Online Resources ====
*Access Genealogy:&nbsp; [ Georgia African American Genealogy]*[http;p=collectionDetails Georgia Deaths 1914-1927] (Record Search)
*[ State online resources for African-American genealogy: Georgia]&nbsp; (African American Genealogy Examiner)
*[ Lowcountry Africana] (Twitter: [ LCAfricana]) is dedicated to documenting the family and cultural heritage of African Americans in the historic rice-growing areas of South Carolina, Georgia and extreme northeastern Florida.
 <br> {{African American|African American}} {{Georgia|Georgia}}
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