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Nova Scotia Vital Records

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''[[Canada|Canada]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Nova Scotia|Nova Scotia]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Nova Scotia Vital RecordsNova_Scotia_Vital_Records|Vital Records]]''
For research strategies and additional information, see [[Canada Vital Records|Canada Vital Records]]
Early township books can contain vital records of the founding families. Records of births, marriages, and deaths were usually interspersed among other records such as land records. Although the vital records are not always complete, these books can often contain helpful information. For a list of township books on file at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and the dates they cover, see Tracing Your Ancestors in Nova Scotia, by the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, 1981, pages 10–11 (see the “For Further Reading” section at the end of this outline).
=== FamilySearch Historical Record Collections === Online collections containing these records are located in[] '''Wiki articles describing these online collections are found at:'''
[[Nova Scotia Births and Baptisms (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
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