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The Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company was organized in October 1849. The "donations to the fund" helped outfit members "for the trek west" from 1850 to 1887. It also funded voyages to America starting in 1856. The fund was dis-incorporated in 1887 under the provisions of the Edmunds-Tucker Act. Approximately 30,000 people were assisted with all or part of their transportation expenses during the thirty-seven years of the Fund's operation. (Mormon Historical Studies, Fall 2000, p142)
There is no complete list of members who used PEF exists. Many members used the fund, and paid their debt; enabling other members to emigrate. However, in 1877 a list called Names of Persons and Sureties Indebted to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company from 1850 to 1877 was created. This was a list of everyone who used PEF but had not paid their debt. Then as part of the Jubilee year of the Church, the "Worthy Poor" were forgiven their debt.  The book PERSONS AND SURETIES INDEBTED TO THE PERPETUAL EMIGRATING FUND COMPANY 1850 TO 1877 INCLUSIVE, has been digitized and may be downloaded at  [http://www.archive,org/details/namesofpersonssu00perprich http://www.archive,org/details/namesofpersonssu00perprich].  
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