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{{Mexico HR Infobox | CID =CID1909191 | title= Mexico, Oaxaca, Catholic Church Records, 1559-1988| location= Oaxaca (Mexico)| LOC_01 = Oaxaca| LOC_02 = | alt_flag = Flag_of_Oaxaca.png| alt_flag_desc = Flag of Oaxaca| loc_map =MX Locator Map Mexico Oaxaca.png | record_type = Church | start_year = 1559| end_year = 1988| language = Spanish | title_language = Registros Paroquiales de la Iglesia Católica del Estado de Oaxaca, México| FS_URL_01 = [[Mexico Record Finder|Record Finder]]| FS_URL_02 = [[Mexico Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]| FS_URL_03 = [[Mexico Genealogy]] | FS_URL_04 = [[Oaxaca, Mexico Genealogy]]| FS_URL_05 = [[Mexico Church Records]] | FS_URL_06 = [[Oaxaca Maps]]| FS_URL_07 = [[Oaxaca History]] | FS_URL_08 = [[Mexico Catholic Church Records - FamilySearch Historical Records]]| FS_URL_09 = | FS_URL_10 = | RW_URL_01 = Foreign Language Title | RW_URL_02 = | RW_URL_03 = | RW_URL_04 = | RW_URL_05 =| custodian =Catholic Church Parishes, Oaxaca}}
Registros Paroquiales de la Iglesia Católica del Estado de Oaxaca, México. == What is in This Collection? ==
== Collection Time Period ==This collection of Catholic Church records, such as baptisms, marriages, deaths, and burials from the State of Oaxaca includes the years 1559 to 1988.
This collection of Often in Catholic Church records, such as separate books were kept for baptisms, confirmations, marriage information documents, marriages, and deaths. However, in smaller areas, all records may be recorded on one register. In larger parishes a separate book was usually maintained for confirmations, while in smaller parishes the confirmations may have been included with the baptisms. In larger parishes, most of the marriage banns (informaciones matrimoniales) may be registered separately. In smaller parishes, these records were included in the marriage entry or the confirmations may have been included with the baptisms or even with marriages. In larger parishes, a separate book of confirmations was usually maintained. These records are in relatively fair condition, with the exception of some older records that may be damaged and burials from , therefore, hard to read or missing some information. Most of the older records are handwritten in narrative style and follow a common text with some variations depending on the State of Oaxaca includes style used by the years 1703-1964priest. Newer records are handwritten in formatted registers; some are even written in ledger style registers. === For Help Reading These Records ===
== Record Description ==These records are written in Spanish. For help reading these records see the following guides: *[[Spanish Genealogical Word List]] *[ BYU Spanish Script Tutorial] *FamilySearch Learning Center videos: **[ Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 1] **[ Reading Spanish Handwritten Records, Lesson 2]
Separate books were kept for baptismIf you speak Spanish, confirmation, marriage banns, marriage, and burial or death records. However, in smaller areas, all records may be recorded on one register. The entries were normally made in chronological order. In smaller parishes, most of the marriage banns (informaciones matrimoniales) were included in the marriage entry. In larger parishes, these records following free online lesson may be registered separately. In smaller parishes, helpful to learn how to use the confirmations may have been included with the baptisms or even with marriages. In larger parishes, a separate book of confirmations was usually maintained. The records are in relatively fair condition, with the exception of some older records that may be damaged, and therefore hard to read or missing some information. Most of the older records are handwritten in narrative style and follow a common text with some variations depending on the style used by the priest. Newer these records are handwritten in formatted registers, and some are even written in ledger style registers: *[https://familysearch. org/ask/learningViewer/421 Registros Civiles y Parroquiales] – Spanish
=== Record Content To Browse This Collection===
'''The key genealogical facts found in most baptism records are:'''[[Image:{{Collection Browse Link| CID = CID1909191 | title= Mexico Aguascalientes Roman , Oaxaca, Catholic Parish Registers Baptism Example 1.jpg|thumb|right]]<br>• Date of baptism<br>• Place of the event and usually the parish saint name<br>• Name of the person being baptized<br>• Names of the parents<br>• Age of the person being baptized or the person’s birth date<br>• Gender<br>• Legitimacy<br>• Before 1820Church Records, social class of the parents<br>• Sometimes the person’s race <br><br>1559-1988}}
== What Can These Records Tell Me? =={| border="1"|-| align="center" style="background: rgb(240,240,240)" | '''The key genealogical facts found in most marriage Baptismal and confirmation records are''' | align="center" style="background:rgb(240,240,240)" | '''Marriage records'''[[Image| align="center" style="background:Mexico Aguascalientes Roman Catholic Parish Registers Marriage.jpgrgb(240,240,240)" | '''Death records''' |thumb-|right]]<br>• Date and place of marriage<br>• Place baptism or confirmation| Date and place of the event marriage|Name and usually the parish saint age of deceased|-| Child’s name<br>• and gender| Names of the betrothed <br>• bride and groom |Date and place of death |-|Child’s date and place of birth | Groom’s age, and civil status | Birth date, place and marital status of deceased|-| Names of the parents<br>• Names | Name of the witnesses<br>• Ages groom’s father and marital statuses statement of consent| Cause of the betrothed <br>• Places death|-| Names of paternal grandparents| Father’s age, origin , and residence | Spouse’s name, if married|-| Names of the betrothed maternal grandparents|Bride’s age and sometimes that civil status| Parents’ names|-|Godparents| Name of the parents<br>• Legitimacy bride’s father and statement of the betrothed<br>• Sometimes the race of the betrothed <br><br>consent||-||Father’s age, origin, and residence||-||Witnesses’ names||}
'''The key genealogical facts found in most burial or death == Collection Content ==For additional details about these records are:'''and help using them see [[Image:Mexico Baja California Catholic Church Records Death- FamilySearch Historical Records]].=== Sample Images ===<gallery>Image:Mexico, oaxaca, ccr, baptism.jpg|1865 Baptism RecordImage:Mexico, oaxaca, ccr, confirmation.jpg|thumbConfirmation RecordImage:Mexico, oaxaca, ccr, marriage.jpg|right]]<br>• Date of death or burial<br>• Place of burial or death <br>• Name of the deceased person <br>• Sometimes the names of the parents or the spouse1948 Marriage RecordImage:Mexico, oaxaca, ccr, marriage info, consent.jpg|1967 Marriage InformationImage:Mexico, oaxaca, ccr, if the deceased was married <br>• Age of the deceased person at time of death.jpg|1960 Death Record<br>• Place of residence or origin of the deceased person <br>• Sometimes the race of the deceased <br><br/gallery>
== How to Use the Records Do I Search This Collection? ==You can search the index or view the images or both. Before using this collection it is helpful to know:*Your ancestor's given name and surname*Identifying information such as residence*Estimated marriage or birth year*Family relationships
In most cases, Mexican Catholic parish registers are === Search the only records before 1859 that identify individuals, parents, and spouses. After this date, civil authorities began registering vital statistics (nacimientos, matrimonies, y defunciones) that by law include people of all religions. The information in civil sources confirms and supplements the information in church records. Be sure to search both the parish and civil records after 1860. Index ==={{Search Collection Link| CID=CID1909191 }}
== Record History =View the Images ===View images in this collection by visiting the [ Browse Page]. <br># Select '''City or Town'''# Select '''Parish'''# Select '''Record Type and Years''' to view the images. <br>
After {{Tip | More images are available in the conquest of FamilySearch Catalog at [ Mexico by the Spaniards, Oaxaca, Catholic priests began going from one place to another baptizing most of the population. By order of the queen of SpainChurch Records, priests began keeping a record of all the sacramental ordinances performed1559-1988]. The registers hold Some catalog records of baptisms, marriages, deaths, and burials and other ecclesiastical documentslink to multiple references. Most oftenIn this case, the different types of ordinances are recorded separate volumes. Each record is written in narrative style, and in more recent years, they are handwritten in formatted records. The registers were created and kept by the priest. Later, as the church grew in numbers, the registers were kept at the parish, and click on a reference to find a copy was sent camera icon to the diocesan archive for preservationsee images. }}
Catholic priests established parishes starting in 1521=== How Do I Analyze the Results? === Compare each result from your search with what you know to determine if there is a match. In 1527, the Roman Catholic Church established dioceses in Tlaxcala and Mexico CityThis may require viewing multiple records or images. It was only in the late 19th century that other religious groups began establishing congregations Keep track of your research in Mexicoa [[Use_Appropriate_Forms#Prepare_a_Research_Log | research log]].
Parishes were local congregations ==What Do I Do Next?===== I Found the Person I Was Looking For, What Now? ===*Add any new information to your records*Use the information to find more. For instance, use the age listed in the record to estimate a year of birth, if that may have included smaller villages within their boundariesis yet undetermined*Use the birth date or age along with the place of birth to find the family in [https://familysearch. A large city may contain several parishesorg/search/collection/1307314?collectionNameFilter=true 1930, Mexico National Census]. The parishes had jurisdiction over census can help you find if your ancestors were married civilly or by the Catholic Church or both vice parishes (vice parroquias) and chapelries (feligresias). Multiple parishes (parroquias) were under Then you can proceed looking in those records for more information*Compile information for every person who has the jurisdiction of a diocese. The highest level of local government same surname as your ancestor; this is especially helpful in rural areas or if the Catholic Church surname is unusual *Continue to search the archdiocese (arquidiócesis)records to identify children, siblings, parents, which is made up and other relatives in the same county or nearby. This can help you identify other generations of your family or even the second marriage of several diocesesa parent*Make sure to fully transcribe and cite the record entry for future reference; see the section [[#Citing This Collection|Citing This Collection]] for assistance. Save or print a copy of the image
In 1995===I Can’t Find the Person I’m Looking For, What Now?===*[[Mexico, Oaxaca, Civil Registration - FamilySearch Historical Records]] are also a good substitute when church records of births, marriages, and deaths cannot be found or are unavailable*A useful Coverage Table for Mexico Baptisms is available in the Catholic Church in wiki article [[Mexico had 14 archdioceses; 58 dioceses; 5Baptisms, Coverage Table - FamilySearch Historical Records]]*Check for variants of given names, surnames,345 parishesand place names. Transcription errors could occur in any handwritten record; and 1also,611 chapelries (sub-parishes)it was not uncommon for an individual be listed under a nickname or an abbreviation of their name. Together they hold Click here for a great number list of [ Spanish name abbreviations] *Also, consider looking at collections for surrounding localities. [[Guerrero]] is to the west, [[Puebla]] to the northwest, [[Veracruz]] to the north, and [[Chiapas]] to the east*New information is constantly being indexed, microfilmed or updated. Periodically check back to see if your ancestor’s recordshave been added. You can see if the area you’ve been looking in has been recently updated by going to [ Historical Records Collections]. Watch for an asterisk for recently added or updated records
=== Why This Collection Was Created Research Helps ===The following articles will help you in your research for your family in [[Mexico Genealogy|Mexico]].* [[Mexico Record Finder|Record Finder]]* [[Mexico Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]]
Authorized Catholic priests created separate parish registers to record the church sacraments of baptism (bautismo), confirmation (confirmación), marriage (casamiento o matrimonio), and burial (defunción o entierro) at the parish level. <!--== Known Issues with This Collection ==
{| width="320" cellspacing="0" cellpadding= Record Reliability "0" border=".5" style="float:right;font-size:8pt"|-| bgcolor="#fff3e7" | [[Image:Important.png|60x60px|Important.png]] | bgcolor="#fff3e7" style="vertical-align:top; line-height:125%; padding-top:8px" | '''Problems with this collection?'''<br>[ See a list of known issues, workarounds, tips, restrictions, future fixes, news and other helpful information.]|}
For a full list of all known issues associated with this collection see the attached [ -Church parish registers are -Records-1559-1988-known-issues&lang=en article]. If you encounter additional problems, please email them to []. Please include the full path to the link and a reliable source description of information for family history research, and the primary source for baptism, marriage, and death records problem in Mexico prior to 1859your e-mail. Catholic Church parish records after 1859 can Your assistance will help ensure that future reworks will be used to complement information found in civil registersconsidered. -->
== Related Web Sites Citing This Collection ==Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used.
This section of the article is incomplete. You can help FamilySearch Wiki by supplying links to related websites here. {{Collection_Published}}{{Record_Citation}}{{Image_Citation}}
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[ Mexico Church Records]  === Contributions to This Article === {{Contributor invite}}  == Sources for This Collection H-langs|en== <!--bibdescbegin-->"Mexico, Oaxaca , Catholic Church Records", database, FamilySearch ([]), 2009; from Diocese of Huajuapan, Diocese of Tehuantepec, Archdiocese of Oaxaca, Diocese of Puebla, Prelate of Hautla, Diocese of Tuxtepec, Prelate of the Mixes. Original records are also housed in local parish archives throughout the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. FHL 6,574 microfilm reels. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.<!--bibdescend--><br><br>Digital images of original records housed at various Catholic Church&nbsp;archive repositories throughout the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.<br> <br>The format for citing FamilySearch Historical Collections, including how to cite individual archives is found in the following link: [[How to Create Source Citations For FamilySearch Historical Records Collections|How to Create Source Citations for FamilySearch Historical Records Collections]]  <br> == Citing FamilySearch Historical Collections == A suggested format for keeping track of records that you have searched is found in the Wiki Article: [[How to Cite FamilySearch Collections|How to Cite FamilySearch Collections]]  Please add sample citations to this article following the format guidelines in the wiki article listed above.  === Examples of Source Citations for a Record in This Collection pt=== *United States. Bureau of Census. 12th censusMéxico, 1900Oaxaca, digital images, From FamilySearch Internet Registros da Igreja Católica ([]: Setpemper 29.2006), Arizona Territory, Maricopa, Township 1, East Gila, Salt River Base and Meridian; sheet 9B,line 71. <br> *Mexico, Districto Federal, Catholic Church Records 1886-1933, digital imagbes, from Registros Históricos do FamilySearch Internet ([]: April 22, 2010), Baptism of Adolfo Femandez Jimenez, 1 Feb, 1910, San Pedro Apostol, Cuahimalpa, Districto Federal, Mexico Film number 0227023.<br> [[Category:Mexico|Catholic]]}}
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