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Preston Holy Trinity, Lancashire Genealogy

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== Chapel History ==
Preston Holy Trinitywas Trinity was an Ecclesiastical Parish in the county of Lancashire, created in 1816 from&nbsp; [[Preston St WilfridJohn, Lancashire]] Ancient Parish.<br>
The church closed in the 1950's. The church was demolished in 1951. A car park now occupies the former location which is slightly west of the Ringway.<br>
The [chapelry] of the Holy Trinity is a neat stone edifice in the later English style, with a square embattled tower crowned by pinnacles; it was erected in 1814, at an expense of £9080, of which £4000 were donations, and the remainder was raised by general subscription... It lay within the civil parish boundaries of St John Preston.
Adapted from: 'Preston - Preston-Wynne', A Topographical Dictionary of England (1848), pp. 609-616. URL: Date accessed: 20 July 2010.
== Resources ==
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