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Liverpool St George, Lancashire Genealogy

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== Chapel History ==
St. George Liverpool , Derby Square was erected on the old site of the castle in the year 1734. It stood within was created in 1736&nbsp;[[Liverpool_St_Peter_and_St_Nicholas,_Lancashire]] .  In a 1715 Act of Parliament (1 Geo. I, cap. 21) land on the old castle site was obtained for the parish boundaries purpose of St Nicholasthe church building. Construction began in 1726 to the architect Thomas Steer's design and was completed in 1734. A vault beneath the church and a churchyard provided for burials.&nbsp; <br> Structural problems resulted in re building between 1819 and 1825 and a new spire smaller than the original&nbsp; was also added. The church was ownded and maitained by the City Council and was used for worship by the mayor, Liverpoolaldermen and judiciary of the city. However the 1867 appointment of a Jewish mayor was criticised from the pulpit and thereafter the city council ceased to use the church which declined and was closed in 1897 and subsequently demolished.  The Victoria monument now occupies the site of the former church and was built in 1902.
== Resources ==
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