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1021 JJ Amsterdam<br>
''Website:'' [ Genealogie]<br><br><br>'''''' has message boards for Suriname. Link:<br><br>'''Rootsweb''' has mailing lists for Suriname
Link'''Rootsweb''' has mailing lists for Suriname<br>''Website: '' [ Rootsweb]
== Historical Societies ==
 No Historical Society could be found for There are no known genealogical societies in Suriname.<br><br>
'''Surinaams Museum''' can provide much historical information.<br>
''Telephone:'' (597) 425 871<br>
''Website:'' [ Museum]
'''Het Koto Museum''' is also known for historic information.<br>
Paramaribo, Suriname<br>
''Facebook:'' [ Museum]
== Other Societies ==
==Additional Resources==
*[ Ancestry Message Board for Suriname]
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