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*Archivo Historico Nacional (Mayor del Ejercito) <br>Azopardo 250 <br>Buenos Aires, Argentina<br>Telephone: 4331-6827<br>Internet: ''''''<br>
*Biblioteca del Circulo Militar Argentino<br>Palacio Paz<br>Avenida Santa Fe 750<br>Buenos Aires, Argentina<br>Telephone: 4314-9932
*Escuela Superior de Guerra<br>Buenos Aires, Argentina<br>Internet: '''http'''<br>
Census records also have information on military personnel. For example the 1895 census of San Martin in the province of Buenos Aires, records the cadets which were enrolled in the college Colegio Militar de la Nacion. Most of the officers for the army came out of this college. Also in the census of the city of Buenos Aires you can find listings of marines who belonged to the Prefectura Maritima.
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