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Help:Registering with the Wiki

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{{how-to-articles}}If you are registered with [ FamilySearch], you are registered with the Wiki. Registering allows you to:
*Edit existing pages and create new ones 
*Create a user page and discussion page to practice editing
Registering with the FamilySearch Wiki is a three-step process: Register, Confirm the registration in your email and finally, set your email preferences.  You may print these these instructions to guide you in the process.
=== '''Step 1. Register with FamilySearch Wiki''' ===
Registering with the Wiki allows you to sign in to make changes and improvements to the Wiki pages. Registering can also allow FamilySearch to help you collaborate with other community members. During registration you will be asked to create a username and password.
*To&nbsp;register, click '''Sign In''' in the blue bar in the upper right corner of any Wiki page.<br>
[[Image:Wiki sign-in.jpg]]<br>
*Three options will appear as shown in the image below.
*Click '''Register''' and then follow the instructions.&nbsp;Complete the required registration information and read through the terms and conditions. After you complete the registration&nbsp;form, go to Step 2.
*Or, you may register by [ clicking here].
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| [[Image:Register new user.jpg|frame|left]]
<br>'''Step 2. Confirm your E-mail address. '''After you register, FamilySearch will send you an e-mail message. You must confirm your e-mail address to edit or contribute to the wiki.
*Open your e-mail program and find the e-mail with the subject, "FamilySearch Wiki e-mail address confirmation."&nbsp;
*The&nbsp;message will contain a link. Click on the&nbsp;underlined link to send a message back to FamilySearch to indicate that your email address is valid. Then, proceed to Step 3.<br>
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| [[Image:Email confirm link.png|frame|left]]
<br>'''Step 3. Choose Your E-mail Preferences. '''You&nbsp;may&nbsp;choose&nbsp;how and&nbsp;when you want the FamilySearch Wiki to send you emails. To choose these settings:
*Go to the "Personal Tools" section of the panel on the lower right side of the page. Click&nbsp;on the '''My Preferences''' link. Or, verify your settings by [ clicking here].
*On&nbsp;the Preferences page,&nbsp;scroll down to find the "Email" heading. Choose the&nbsp;email option you want by clicking the checkboxes to the left of&nbsp;the option.
*Click the '''Save''' button at the bottom of the screen.<br>
You are now registered with FamilySearch Wiki and have chosen your email preferences.&nbsp; Next, you may want to learn more about&nbsp;[[Help:Basic Searches|searching]] or&nbsp;[[Help:Edit and Contribute|editing and contributing]] to the Wiki.
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