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== Do you Have Editing Rights? ==
To edit the Wiki, you must be assigned the Wiki role of editor and page creator. You need only request this once. Once you are an editor and page creator, you will remain so as long as you follow Wiki [[FamilySearch_Wiki:Purpose,_Policies,_and_Procedures|Guidelines and Policies]]. To determine if you currently have editing rights, go to the [[Special:ListUsers|User List]] and type in your FamilySearch account username. Your user name should appear at the top of the list and list show the Wiki roles assigned to you.
For the example above, this user has editing rights because it states their role as “editor, pagecreator.”
''Please note:'' You need only request editing rights once as they do not change over time. You can "dismiss" the editing message listed at the top of the page once you are signed into the Wiki and by clicking the "Dismiss" link under the Search Box. If the message happens to reappear again, you still have editing rights.
== <font color="red">Request to Edit the Wiki</font> ==

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