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Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex Genealogy

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Parish History: added list
'''Additional information:'''
This parish was subdivided into numerous chapelries and district churches by 1900.  Here is a chronological list of District Churches and Chapels in St Leonard Shoreditch: <br>*Merchant Taylor’s School Mission - <br>*Aske’s Hospital Chapel, Hackney - '''1696'''- Baptisms 1731-1744 {{IGI|P019041}}; Marriages 1696-1753 {{IGI|M019041}}<br>*Geffrye’s Almshouses Chapel, Kingsland Road - '''1794'''<br> *St John the Baptist, Hoxton - '''1826'''<br> *St Mary Haggerston Road, Haggerston - '''1829'''<br> *Christ Church, Hoxton - '''1839'''<br> *St James, Curtain Road - '''1839'''<br> *St Philip Dalston - '''1844'''<br> *Holy Trinity, Bletchley Street, Hoxton - '''1848'''<br> *St Mark Old Street Road - '''1848'''<br> *All Saints Haggerston - '''1855'''<br> *St Paul Haggerston - '''1858'''<br> *St Paul Haggerston - '''1861'''<br>*St Michael, Mark Street, Shoreditch - '''1862'''<br> *St Saviour Hoxton - '''1862'''<br> *St Augustine Haggerston - '''1863''' (part from Bethnal Green parishes) <br>*St Chad Haggerston - '''1863'''<br> *St Columba Haggerston - '''1863'''<br> *St Andrew Hoxton - '''1863'''<br> *St Stephen, Goldsmith’s Row, Haggerston - '''1864'''<br>*St Anne Hoxton - '''1865'''<br> *Holy Trinity Shoreditch - '''1866'''<br> *St Mary Hoxton - '''1866'''<br> *St Peter Hoxton Square - '''1869'''<br> *St Mark St Mark’s Rise, Dalston - '''1870'''<br> *St Agatha Haggerston - '''1871'''<br> *St Mark Dalston with St. Bartholomew - '''1871'''<br>*Holy Trinity, Beechwood Road, Dalston - '''1879'''<br> *St Bartholomew Dalston – '''1879'''<br> *St Paul, Broke Road, Haggerston - '''1893'''<br>  Be sure to see the above link to a "List of District Churches and Chapels Within St Leonard's Shoreditch Parish" for a more complete picture as to Shoreditch's ecclesiastical makeup.
Sir Henry Ellis's 1798 history of Shoreditch Parish has been digitized.<ref>Ellis, Henry. [ ''The History and Antiquities of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch, and Liberty of Norton Folgate, in the Suburbs of London''], 1798. Adapted. Date accessed: 04 February 2014.</ref>
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