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Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy

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''{{breadcrumb| link1=[[United StatesGenealogy|United States&nbsp;]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] &nbsp;| link2=[[TennesseeGenealogy|Tennessee&nbsp;]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] &nbsp;| link3=| link4=| link5=[[Hamblen County, TennesseeGenealogy|Hamblen County]]''}}<br>Guide to '''Hamblen County, Tennessee ancestry, family history and genealogy''' birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.
[[{{Click|Image:{{TNHamblenmapTN_ORP.png|Tennessee Online Genealogy Records|left}}]] <br>
[[Image:{{TNHamblenboundaryInfobox U.S. County| seal = | seal size =| county = Hamblen County| boundary_map=TN_Hamblen_County_Boundary_Map.JPG| county_map =Location_of_Hamblen_County,_Tennessee.PNG| state = Tennessee| state_map = Tennessee.png| latd = | longd = | founded title=Founded:| founded year=1870| founded date=June 9| motto = | seat= Morristown| building image = Hamblen County Tennessee Courthouse.jpg| building image size = | building address = | web =| named for = | flag = | flag size =| logo = | logo size =| ex image = | ex image size =| ex image cap = | adoption_sign = Adoption TNGenWeb| footnotes = }}]]
[[Image:{{StateofFranklin}}]]==== Description ====
East Tennessee The County was named for Hezekiah Hamblen (1775–1854), an early settler, landowner, attorney, and member of the Hawkins County Court for many years. Governor Dewitt Clinton Senter, a resident of the county established , used his influence to assist in 1870its establishment. In The County is located in the northeast area of the 1780sstate.<ref>Wikipedia contributors, this land belonged to the "Hamblen, Tennessee" in '',_Tennessee'' accessed 20 Dec 2018 </ref> === Hamblen County, Tennessee Record Dates=== {| cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1"|-| bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" colspan="7" | <center>'''Known Beginning Dates for Major County Records'''<ref>''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Hamblen County, Tennessee. Page 638-645 {{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}; Alice Eichholz, ed. Ancestry’s Red Book: American State of Franklin, County, and Town Sources, Third ed. (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2004), 637-640.</ref></center>|-| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Birth|Birth*]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Marriage|Marriage]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Death|Death*]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Court Records|Court]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Land and Property Records|Land]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Probate Records|Probate]]'''| width="14.2%" bgcolor="#e4d8e5" align="center" | '''[[Hamblen County, Tennessee Genealogy#Census Records|Census]]'''|-| width="14.2%" align="center" |1909| width="14.2%" align="center" |1863| width="14.2%" align="center" |1909| width="14.2%" align="center" |1870| width="14.2%" align="center" |1870| width="14.2%" align="center" |1870| width="14.2%" align="center" |1810|-| colspan="7"| <center>Statewide registration for births and deaths began in 1914. General compliance by 1927.</center>|}
== County Courthouse ==
[[Image:{{TNHamblencourthouse}}]]&nbsp;Hamblen County Courthouse<br>&nbsp;511 West Second North Street<br>&nbsp;Morristown, TN 37814<br>&nbsp;Phone: 423-586-9112
[httphttps://www.hamblencountygovernmentcourtreference.uscom/county_commission/county_clerkhamblen-County-Tennessee-Courts.cfm htm Hamblen County ClerkCourthouse]<br>Marriage records<br>&nbsp;511 West Second North W 2nd N Street<br>Administrative Building, 2nd floor<br>Morristown, TN 37814<br>Phone: 423-.586-1993 .9112&nbsp;<br><br>County Clerk has marriage and probate records from 1870.<br>Clerk and Master has divorce records. <br>Clerk Circuit Court has court records. <br>Register of Deeds has land records. <ref name="HBG">''Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'', 10th ed. (Draper, Utah: Everton Pub., 2002), Hamblen County, Tennessee page 640, {{WorldCat|50140092|disp=At various libr40ries (WorldCat)}}; {{FHL|1049485|item|disp=FHL Book 973 D27e 2002}}.</ref>
[ '''Hamblen County Chancery Court Clerk]<br>Probate recordsCourthouse'''<br>511 West Second North Street<br>Morristown, TN 37814<br>Phone: 1-423-586-9112
<br>[http://www.hamblencountygovernmenthamblencountyclerk.uscom/county_commission/circuit_court_and_general_sessions_court.cfm '''Hamblen County Circuit Court Clerk''']<br>Court Marriage records<br>Hamblen County Justice Center511 West Second North St.<br>510 Allison StreetAdministrative Building, 2nd floor<br>Morristown, TN 37814<br>Phone: 1-423-586-5640 1993
[httphttps://www.hamblencountygovernmentcourtreference.uscom/county_commissioncourts/register_of_deeds.cfm 13894/hamblen-county-chancery-court '''Hamblen County Register of DeedsChancery Court Clerk''']<br>Land Probate records<br>511 West Second North Street St.<br>Administrative BuildingMorristown, 3rd floorTN 37814<br>Phone: 1-423-586-2505 9112
[ '''Hamblen County Circuit Court Clerk''']<br>Court records<br>Hamblen County Justice Center<br>510 Allison St.<br>Morristown, TN 37814<br>Phone: 1-423-586-5640  [ '''Hamblen County Register of Deeds''']'''<br>'''Land records<br>511 West Second North St.<br>Administrative Building, 3rd floor<br>Phone: 1-423-586-2505  '''Hours''':<br>Monday Mon.- Thursday Thurs. 8 am a.m.- 4:30 pmp.m.<br>Friday Fri. 8 am a.m.- 5 pmp.m.
== History ==
The {{StateofFranklin}}  East Tennessee county established in 1870. From 1784 to 1788, this land was claimed by the abortive, and short-lived [[State of Franklin|State of Franklin]].  '''Hamblen County''' is named after Tennessee pioneer Hezekiah Hamblen.<ref>[ "List of counties in Tennessee,"] Wikipedia.</ref>  The land which eventually became Hamblen County was first organized by the [[State of Franklin|State of Franklin]] in March 1786 from parts of [[Greene County, Tennessee|Greene]] and [[Sullivan County, Tennessee|Sullivan]] counties under the name of [[Spencer County, Tennessee|Spencer]] later [[Hawkins County, Tennessee|Hawkins]] County, and from part of Greene County under the name [[Caswell County, Tennessee|Caswell County]].).<ref>“State of Franklin” in [ The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture].</ref>, <ref name="McBride">Robert M. McBride, "Lost Counties of Tennessee," ''[ East Tennessee Historical Society's Publications]'' 38 (1966): 4-5.</ref> However, the Franklin statehood effort faded by 1789. Spencer and Caswell counties existed only briefly, their legality is questionable, and little trace remains.  The records of lost Spencer County are now found [[Spencer County, Tennessee|on the Wiki]]<br> The records of lost Caswell County are now found [[Caswell County, Tennessee|on the Wiki]]<br>  North Carolina and the Southwest Territory did not recognize any of Franklin's new counties. Later in 1786 the North Carolina legislature created a parallel-county of Franklin's Spencer County and called it Hawkins County. It was known by both county names while Frankln's statehood efforts lasted up to 1788.<ref name="McBride" /> Since then the land on which the lost county of Spencer County was located has been called [[Hawkins County, Tennessee]].  In 1792 the Southwest Territory using land from its Greene and Hawkins counties erected a new county named Jefferson County.<ref name="McBride" /> In 1796 all these lands also became part of the new State of Tennessee, and [[Grainger County, Tennessee|Grainger]] County was split off from Hawkins County.  In 1870 Tennessee used parts of Hawkins, Grainger, and Jefferson counties to form Hamblen County.<ref>Alice Eichholz, ed. ''[ Red Book: American State, County and Town Sources, 3rd ed.]'' (Provo, Utah: Ancestry, 2004), 637.</ref>
==== Parent County ====
'''1870--'''Hamblen County was created 8 June 1870 from parts of [[Grainger County, Tennessee|Grainger]], [[Jefferson County, Tennessee|Jefferson]], and [[Hawkins County, Tennessee|Hawkins]] Counties.<br>'''County seat:''' Morristown <ref name="Handybook">''The Handybook for Genealogists: United States of America'',10th ed''. (Draper, UT:Everton Publishers, 2002), 640. ({{FHL|1852055|item}} Ref Book 973 D27e 2002). [ WorldCat entry].</ref>  ==== County Pronunciation ==== #[ Hear it spoken]<ref>Voice of Lynnae Weller, Kingsport, Tenn. (2010).</ref> (female) #[ Hear it spoken]<ref>Voice of Gene Black, FamilySearch employee, former resident of Bristol, Tenn. (2010).</ref> (male)
==== Boundary Changes ====
For animated maps illustrating Tennessee county boundary changes, [ "Rotating Formation Tennessee County Boundary Maps"] (1777-1985) may be viewed for free at the website.
==== Record Loss ====
There is no known history of courthouse disasters in this county.
== Places / Localities ==
==== Populated Places ====
{| class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="720" align="left" border="0"|-| Alpha | Havley Springs | Pineville | Sunset Hills|-| Alpha Heights | Hillcrest | Ridgeview | Susong|-| Barton Springs | Jaybird | Roe | Tigertown|-| Bright (hist.) | Lakemoore | Roe Junction | Union Heights|-| Cain Mill | Lakeview | Rolling Hills | For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [httphttps://wwwtennessee.familysearchhometownlocator.orgcom/engcounties/library/fhlcatalog/supermainframesetcities,cfips,063,c,hamblen.cfm HomeTown Locator].asp?display=localitydetails&subject=194895&subject_disp=Tennessee%2C+The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Hamblen%2C+Whitesburg&columns=*County,0Tennessee,0 Whitesburg]|-| Cheeks Crossroads | Marguerite | Russellville | Witt|-| Chuckey Bend (hist.) | [http" in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',*Hamblen_County,0_Tennessee,0 Morristown] | Silver City | |-| Fernwood | Needmore | Springvale | |-| Hales Crossroads | Panther Creek (histaccessed 16 November 2019.) | Sulphur Springs | |}</ref>
{{Populated places<br!--cities column------------------->| cities-col1=<brdiv>*[,_Tennessee Morristown]<br/div>| cities-col2=<brdiv><br/div>| cities-col3=<brdiv><br/div><br!--unincorp column------------------->| unincorp-col1=<brdiv>*[,_Tennessee Alpha]*Barton Springs*Fernwood*Havley Springs*Hillcrest*Lakemoore*Lakeview*Lawrence Mills*[,_Tennessee Lowland]*Marguerite<br/div>| unincorp-col2=<brdiv>*Needmore*New Line*Noe's Mill*Ridgeview*Roe*Rolling Hills*[,_Tennessee Russellville]*Silver City*Springvale<br/div>| unincorp-col3=<brdiv>*Statem Gap*Sulphur Spring*Sunset Hills*Susong*[,_Tennessee Talbott]*Union Heights*Valley Home*[,_Tennessee Whitesburg]*Witt</div>}}
==== Neighboring Counties ====
{| classwidth="FCK__ShowTableBorders99%" widthclass="99%FCK__ShowTableBorders"
| valign="top" |
== Resources ==
==== Getting Started ====
Use the free [ '''Search for Surnames'''] at Mountain Press's website to quickly search a variety of published Hamblen County biography, cemetery, and marriage records. To determine which books are being searched, or to search each publication's index individually, click [ here]. You are now equipped with a checklist of books to pull off the shelves at a genealogy library, or a wish list for your personal book collection.
==== Research Guides ====
*[ Genealogical "Fact Sheets" About Tennessee Counties: Hamblen County], courtesy: [ Tennessee State Library and ArchivesTSLA]. (Identifies published county histories, published&nbsp;local records, census records, newspapers and local records on microfilm, and select manuscripts.) ==== African American ==== ''[[African American Research|United States African Americans]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[African-American Resources for Tennessee|Tennessee African Americans]]''
==== Cemeteries ====
Tennessee cemetery records often identify birth, death, relationship, and military information, as well as religious affiliation. <br>
{| width="80%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="1"
| width="30%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | '''Tombstone Transcriptions Online'''
| width="30%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | '''Tombstone Transcriptions in Print'''
| width="30%" bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | '''List of Cemeteries in the county'''
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | []
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | {{FHL|580118|subject-id|disp=Family History Library}}
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | []
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ TNGenWeb]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ WorldCat]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ BillionGraves]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ TNGenWeb Archives]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |
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| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ Tombstone Project]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ TN Gravestones]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [!co=hamblen TNGenWeb Cemeteries]
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| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ Epodunk]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ BillionGraves]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" |
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" | [ Interment]
| bgcolor="#F0F0F0" colspan="3" | See [[Tennessee Cemeteries|Tennessee Cemeteries]] for more information.
==== Census ====
1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 federal population censuses of Hamblen County are available online. For tips on accessing census records online, see [[Tennessee Census|Tennessee Census]]. If you're having trouble finding your ancestors in online indexes, try checking printed indexes. Created by local experts familiar with the area's families, these indexes are often transcribed more accurately than nationwide online indexes.
See [[Tennessee Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book]] for more information about statewide printed indexes.
'''1810 - 1891'''
*[ Tennessee, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1810-1891] at [] — index $
*[ Scanned census images]. USGenWeb Archives
*Sistler, Byron and Barbara Sistler. ''1880 Census Hamblen County, Tennessee''. Nashville, Tenn.: B. Sistler &amp; Associates, 1993. {{FHL|712447|title-id|disp=FHL&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Book 976.8923 X2s 1880}}.
'''1891 Male Voters'''
*1891 [ Tennessee Enumeration of Male Voters 1891] at [] — index $
==== Church ====
*DeBoard, George Mitchell et al. ''Personal Records of a Minister: Rev. George Mitchell DeBoard, Grainger County, Tennessee; Includes Many People from Hancock, Hawkins and Hamblen Counties, Tennessee)''. Dallas, Texas: H.P. Garner, 2001?. {{FHL|1040278|title-id|disp=FHL&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Book 976.8932 K2d}}.
==== Court ====
==== Family Histories ====
It is anticipated that this This bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:
*Locate publications about direct ancestors
*Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
*Identify publications, to quote [[Elizabeth Shown Mills|Elizabeth Shown Mills]], about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [('''F'''riends, '''A'''ssociates, and '''N'''eighbors])
As of August 2010, a query for [ persons born in Hamblen, Tennessee] at ''[[World Connect|World Connect]]'', results in more than 6,800 entries.
*'''[Flagg]''' - ''[ Descendants of Josiah Flagg of Berkeley County, W. Va.; with sketches Sketches of the Flagg, Keyes, Foss, Shively, Hughes, Slemons and Campbell ancestriesAncestries]. ''Boston: Press of T.R. Marvin, 1920.&nbsp; Free digital copy, courtesy: Internet Archive.*'''[King]''' - ''History of the King Family of Hamblen County, Tennessee''. Typescript, [[Tennessee State Libraryand Archives|TSLA]], Nashville, Tenn. Microfilmed in 1939. [{{FHL|241919|title-id|disp=241919 FHL&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Film 24670 Item 4]}}. *'''[Lee]''' - ''Lee Family Collection, ca. 1613-1924.'' Typescript. [{{FHL|704960|title-id|disp=titledetails&titleno=704960 FHL US/CAN&nbsp;Film 1550782]}}. *'''[Miller]''' - Wine, Cecil J. ''The Michael Miller Family.'' Radford, VA: Commonwealth Press, 1964. Available at [ FHL FAM HIST Book 929.273 M612w]; digital version at [ Heritage Quest Online] ($).
==== Land ====
The original Hamblen County Deed Books are held at the County Courthouse. In the 1970s, the&nbsp;[[Tennessee State Library and Archives|TSLA]] microfilmed Deed Books 1-10 (1870-1891) and Indexes (1870-1952). Copies of their films are available at the Family History Library: {{FHL|202352|title-id|disp=FHL&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Films 969627-969633}}.
==== Local Histories ====
==== Maps ====
{{TN Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{TN Hamblen County}}}}
*[ Maps of Tennessee (1777-1985)]
==== Military ====
===== Revolutionary War =====
*Russellville, Brief History of Soldiers, 1776+,&nbsp;''Tennessee Ancestors'', Vol. 18, No. 2 (Aug. 2002).
===== War of 1812 =====
*Embry, Hermione D. "War of 1812 - Tennessee Pensioners on List - January 2, 1883," ''Ansearchin' News'', Vol. 7, No. 3 (Jul. 1960):65-68. {{FHL|44514|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN&nbsp;Book 976.8 B2a v. 7 (1960)}}; digital version at [ journal website]. [Includes Hamblen County pensioners (p. 66)]
===== Civil War =====
'''Online Records'''
*'''1861-1865''' - {{RecordSearch|1932378|Tennessee, Civil War Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*'''1861-1865''' - {{RecordSearch|1932422|Tennessee, Civil War Service Records of Union Soldiers, 1861-1865}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*[ Civil War Research Database] $
*[ Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System]
'''''Regiments.''''' Civil War service men from Hamblen County served in various regiments. Men often joined a regiment or a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are the military units that were formed in or had many men from Hamblen County:
<u>Confederate Soldiers</u>
*[[12th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry (Day's)|12th Battalion, Tennessee Cavalry (Day's)]] - CSA - Company D.
*[[59th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Cooke's) (Eakin's 1st Battalion)|59th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Cooke's) (Eakin's 1st Battalion)]] - CSA - Company I.
*[[60th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Crawford's) (79th Infantry)|60th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Crawford's) (79th Infantry)]] - CSA - Company H.
*[[61st Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Pitts') (81st Infantry)|61st Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Pitts') (81st Infantry)]] - CSA - Company G.
<u>Union Soldiers</u>
*[[8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry (Union)|8th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry]] - Company D.
<u>Additional sources for Civil War soldiers from Hamblen County:</u>
*TNGenWeb, [ Hamblen County Civil War Page].
*USGenWeb Archives, [ Hamblen County Tennessee Archives]. Civil War Records.
*CWSAC Battle Summaries, [ Bull's Gap]. Located in Hamblen and Greene Counties.
*Tennessee State Library and Archives, [ Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications: Hamblen County]. Includes soldier's name, county, pension #, unit or widow.
*United States Pension Bureau, [ List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883: Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for ...] (Washington Printing Office; 1883). Online at Internet Archive. Hamblen County, page 340.
*[ The Civil War &amp; Morristown].
====== Civil War Battles ======
The following Civil War battle was fought in Hamblen County:
*November 11-13, 1864 = [ Bull's Gap<ref>Heritage Preservation Services, [ Civil War Battle Summaries by State], (accessed 17 August 2012)</ref>]
::[ Map] showing Civil War battles in Tennessee.
==== Newspapers ====
Many Tennessee newspapers are filmed and available at the [ TSLA]. Most of these newspapers may be accessed by interlibrary loan to libraries within Tennessee, although there are some newspapers which are not available in or outside of Tennessee. For further information regarding interlibrary loan policies and newspapers not available for interlibrary loan click [ here]. For a list of newspapers available at the archives for Hamblen County click on the following cities or towns:
*[ Morristown]
*[ Whitesburg]
==== Occupations ====
*Miller, Alan N. ''East Tennessee's Forgotten Children: Apprentices from 1778 to 1911''. Baltimore, Md.: Printed for Clearfield Company, Inc., by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2000. [{{FHL|965670|title-id|disp=965670 FHL US/CAN 976.8 U2m]}}. Digital version at [ World Vital Records] ($). Purchase at []. [Includes Hamblen County.]*Blomquist, Ann Kicker ''Cheek's Cross Roads, Tennessee, store journal 1802-1807'' Baltimore, Maryland&nbsp;: Gateway Press, c2001 {{FHL|1333691|title-id|disp=FHL book 976.8923 U3b}}. Digital version available at {{FSbook|63406}}.
==== Periodicals ====
Tap into the minds of local experts. Editors of genealogical periodicals publish unique sources that researchers who are new to their area would not likely discover. This type of material may be found in local, regional, or statewide genealogical society journals. The following periodicals cover this county:
:'''Ansearchin' News''' :Genealogical articles with abstracts of records of Hamblen County, Tennessee have been published in ''Ansearchin' News'', the quarterly magazine of the [ Tennessee Genealogical Society]. To view a list of these articles, visit their [ county index]. To read digitized versions of the first 36 years of articles (Vols. 1-36), browse their [ archive]&nbsp;or conduct a [ surname search]. The Family History Library has a complete collection of the ''Ansearchin' News''quarterly {{FHL|44514|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN Book 976.8 B2a.}} :'''East Tennessee Roots''' :A genealogical article with abstracts of Hamblen County, Tennessee records has been published in ''[ East Tennessee Roots]'' (10 vols.). A subject index to this publication's articles is available [ online]. Surname indexes to Volumes 9 and 10 are also available [ online]. The Family History Library has collected most issues of&nbsp;''East Tennessee Roots'' {{FHL|177434|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN Book 976.8 D25e}}. :'''Hamblen Heritage''' :Family History Library has Volume 1 - 13 (1986 - 1998) {{FHL|390087|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN book 976.8923 B2h}}<br>Hamblen Heritage is indexed in PERiodical Source Index [[Periodical Source Index (PERSI)|(PERSI)]]
Several genealogical articles with abstracts of records of Hamblen County, Tennessee have been published in ''Ansearchin' News'', the quarterly magazine of the [ Tennessee Genealogical Society]. To view a list of these articles, visit their [ county index]. To read digitized versions of the first 36 years of articles (Vols. 1-36), browse their [ archive]&nbsp;or conduct a [ surname search]. The Family History Library has a complete collection of the ''Ansearchin' News'' quarterly [ FHL US/CAN Book 976.8 B2a.] == Private Papers ====
'''''East *Diary and Scrapbook of Catherine (Kate) Livingston, 1857-1868, Hamblen County, Tennessee Roots''''' . Typescript, Tennessee State Library, Nashville, Tenn. {{FHL|241911|title-id|disp=FHL&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Film 24670 Item 3}}.
A genealogical article with abstracts of Hamblen County, Tennessee records has been published in ''[ East Tennessee Roots]'' (10 vols.). A subject index to this publication's articles is available [ online]. Surname indexes to Volumes 9 and 10 are also available [ online]. The Family History Library has collected most issues of&nbsp;''East Tennessee Roots'' [ FHL US/CAN Book 976.8 D25e].== Probate Records ====
==== Priv<span The original Hamblen County Loose Wills are held at the County Archives. In 2007, the Genealogical Society of Utah microfilmed these records, date range: 1870 to 1974: {{FHL|1446507|title-id|disp="fck_dom_range_temp_1275668780562_732" FHL/>ate Papers ====VAULT&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Film 1669931-1669932, 1669941 Item 1}}.
*Diary and Scrapbook of Catherine (Kate) Livingston, 1857-1868, Hamblen County, Tennessee. Typescript, Tennessee State Library, Nashville, Tenn. [ FHL&nbsp;US/CAN&nbsp;Film 24670 Item 3].'''''Online Records'''''
*'''1779 - 2008''' [ 9176 Tennessee Wills and Probate ====Records 1779-2008] at [] — index and images $ {{Tennpro}} *Wills 1870-1974
==== Taxation ====
The original Hamblen County Tax Books 1877-1889 (gaps) are held at the County Courthouse. In the 1970s, the Tennessee State Library and Archives &nbsp;[[Tennessee_State_Library_and_Archives|TSLA]]microfilmed these records. A copy of their film is also available at the Family History Library: {{FHL|202775|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN&nbsp;Film 969637}}.  The following Hamblen County tax resources have been abstracted:<ref>The Heritage Quest Online version of [ PERSI] aided in the compilation of this list.</ref>  *'''1860''' - Morristown Property Tax, 1860, ''Hamblen Heritage''. Morristown TN: Spring 2000. Vol. 15 Iss. 2. *'''1890''' - ''1890 Tax Book - Hamblen County, Tennessee''. Purchase through [ Hamblen County Archives].asp?display=titledetails&titleno=202775 FHL US/CAN*'''1896''' - Delinquent Tax Payers Notice, 1896,&nbsp;Film 969637]''Hamblen Heritage''. Morristown TN: Summer 2007. Vol. 22 Iss. 3.
==== Vital Records ====
See also [ How to order Tennessee Vital Records] or [ order electronically online].  ===== Birth ===== *'''1828 - 1939''' {{RecordSearch|1681012|Tennessee Births and Christenings 1828-1939}} at [] — index *'''1869 - 1909''' [ Tennessee Delayed Birth Records 1869-1909 ] at [] — index and images $ ===== Marriage =====  *'''1625-1966''' - [ Tennessee, United States Marriages] at [ FindMyPast] — index $*'''1871 - 1895''' - Hamblen County Marriage Index 1871-1895 in [ International Genealogical Index] at FamilySearch - free.<ref>Genealogical Society of Utah, ''Parish and Vital Records List'' (July 1998). Microfiche. Digital version at</ref> *'''1780 - 2002''' [ Tennessee State Marriages 1780-2002] at [] — index $ *'''1780 - 2002''' {{RecordSearch|1936414|Tennessee State Marriage Index 1780-2002}} at []— index *'''1790 - 1950''' {{RecordSearch|1619127|Tennessee County Marriages 1790-1950}} at [] — index and images *'''1796 - 1950''' {{RecordSearch|1681022|Tennessee Marriages 1796-1950}} at [] — index *'''1851 - 1900''' [ Tennessee Marriages 1851-1900] at []— index and images $ ===== Divorce ===== In 1940 and 1941, W.P.A. workers pinpointed the location of Hamblen County divorce papers in diverse manuscript collections, see the following:  *W.P.A. ''Guide to Public Vital Statistics in Tennessee''. Nashville, Tenn.: The Tennessee Historical Records Survey, 1941. FHL US/CAN Book 976.8 A3gp. ===== Death ===== *'''1874 - 1955''' - {{RecordSearch|1681020|Tennessee Deaths and Burials 1874-1955}} at [] — index *'''1908 - 1958''' - [ Tennessee Death Records 1908 - 1958 ] at [] — index and images $ *'''1914 - 1966''' - {{RecordSearch|1417505|Tennessee Deaths, 1914-1966}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images *''Tennessee Death Certificates 1908-1952'' [ Free lookups available] *Williams, Marguerite White and Hamblen County Genealogical Society. ''Death Records of Hamblen County, Tennessee, 1902-1950''. Morristown, Tenn.: Hamblen County Genealogical Society, 1995. {{FHL|989196|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN Book 976.8923 V2h}}. For deaths of Methodists in Hamblen County (or what later became Hamblen County) between the 1830s and the 1920s, try searching the following records:  *Smith, Jonathan K.T. ''Genealogical Abstracts from Reported Deaths, the Nashville Christian Advocate''. [1847-1914] 10 vols. [Jackson, Tenn.]: J.K.T. Smith, 1997-2003. {{FHL|789366|title-id|disp=FHL US/CAN&nbsp;Books 976.855/N1 V48s 1847-1851}} ff; digital versions at [ FHL&nbsp;USnca/CAN&nbsp;Book 976index.8923 V2hhtml David Donahue Memorial: Tennessee Records Repository]. Website expands upon the publications and includes deaths from the 1830s, 1840s, 1910s and 1920s.
== Societies and Libraries ==
See also a List of [ Tennessee Archives, Libraries, Publications, Historical &amp; Genealogical Societies]  [ '''Hamblen County Genealogical Society''']<br>P.O. Box 1213<br>Morristown, TN 37816-1213<br>Phone: 423-586-1961  [ '''East Tennessee Historical Society''']<br>601 S. Gay Street<br>P.O. Box 1629<br>Knoxville, Tennessee 37901-1629<br>Phone: 865-215-8824<br>Email:  [ '''Morristown-Hamblen Public Library''']'''<br>'''417 West Main Street<br>Morristown, TN 37814<br>Phone: 423-586-6410<br>Hours: Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. 9 am - 5:30 pm<br>Tuesday and Thursday 9 am - 8 pm  ==== Family History Centers ====
'''{{Family History Centers Intro}} *[[Introduction to Family History Centers]]  *[[Morristown Tennessee '''Family History Center]]<br>6301 Hiawatha Rd<br>Morristown, Hamblen, Tennessee, United States<br>Telephone: 423-586-0901<br>Hours: Wed 6pm-8:30pm;<br>
This is not a mailing address. Due to limited staff, Family History Centers are unable to respond to mail inquiries.<br>
<br>== Websites ==
== Web Sites =={{Wikipedia|Hamblen County, Tennessee}}
 *{{FHL|Tennessee Hamblen|subject|disp=FamilySearch Catalog}} (FamilySearch) — The catalog is genealogical materials (including books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, and publications) This catalog is different than the indexed Historical Records.*[*,0,0 Family History Library Catalog] (FamilySearch)*[ Hamblen County, TN Family History and Genealogy Message Board] (Ancestry) *[ Hamblen County, TN Genealogy Forum] (GenForum)*[ Hamblen County, TNGenWeb] (USGenWeb)
*[ RootsWeb Mailing List: TNHAMBLE-L (Hamblen County, Tennessee List)]
*[ RootsWeb Mailing List: ETN-L (East Tennessee List)]
*[ RootsWeb Mailing List: ETN-OZ-L (East Tennessee Migrants to Ozarks Region List)]
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