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Shoreditch St Leonard, Middlesex Genealogy

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Sir Henry Ellis's 1798 history of Shoreditch Parish has been digitized.<ref>Ellis, Henry. [ ''The History and Antiquities of the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch, and Liberty of Norton Folgate, in the Suburbs of London''], 1798. Adapted. Date accessed: 04 February 2014.</ref>
=== Resources ===
==== Civil Registration ====
Baptisms of St Leonard Workhouse from 1835 to 1861 are indexed at FamilySearch in Batch {{IGI|P021491}}<ref name="hugh">Hugh Wallis, [ "IGI Batch Numbers for London including Middlesex (N-Z), England,"] ''IGI Batch Numbers,'' accessed 17 March 2012.</ref>
Baptisms of Shoreditch Workhouse from 1836 to 1873 are indexed at FamilySearch in Batch {{IGI|P015591}}<ref name="hugh" />
== Maps and Gazetteers ==
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