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Hackney St John, Middlesex Genealogy

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=== Parish History ===
Hackney, parl. bor. parliamentary borough and'''parish'''. (ry. railway stations, Hackney and Hackney Downs Junction), Middlesex, in NE. of London -- par., bor., including Hackney '''parish.''' and Stoke Newington '''parish'''.), Bethnal Green and Shoreditch.<ref>[ ''"John Bartholomew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887.''"] Adapted. Date accessed: 18 December 2013.</ref>
Hackney St John, '''a parish''', forming a union with Stoke Newington, in the Tower division of the hundred of Ossulstone, County of Middlesex, 2 miles northeast of London. In the 19th century, this parish was greatly divided into numerous chapelries and chapel districts by the 19th century. According to Lewis, here are some of them: <br>*South Hackney Well Street (1810) <br>*West Hackney Kingsland Road (1823 and with a cemetery) <br> *Hackney St John - 1558 ( the ancient or mother parish) <br>*Stamford Hill <br>*Homerton Episcopal chapel <br>*St Barnabas Homerton - 1846 <br>*Dalston <br>*Clapton <br>*St Peter Hackney (see under Beauvoir Town) <br> *St Thomas Clapton Common - 1827<br>
Although the above churches are mentioned in the 19th century perspective by Samuel A. Lewis (see footnote), these were but a fraction of all the Church of England chapels (there were nearly 40 of them) located in the civil parish boundary. Here is a List of all the above as well those numerous unlisted chapels all of which have thus far been identified as being attached to St John's Hackney Parish--see this following link--"[[A Comprehensive List of Hackney District Churches in Pre-1900]]".
There were also built, chapels for worship for '''Independents''', '''Wesleyan Methodists''', '''Baptists ''' and '''Unitarians'''.<ref> Samuel Lewis, ed. ''[[A Topographical Dictionary of England]]'' 362-366. (London: S. Lewis and Co., 1848), Online [| here], (accessed: 22 April 2010). Adapted.</ref>
The ''"Victoria County History'' " of Hackney (1995) is available [ online]. It includes chapters on manors, economic history, local government, churches, Roman Catholicism, Protestant nonconformity, other Christian churches, Judaism, Islam, education, and charities for the poor.<ref>''A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 10: Hackney'' (1995). URL: Date accessed: 25 March 2012.</ref>
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