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===2. Use gazetteers and/or parish register inventories to learn more important details.===
Your ancestor's town might have been too small to have its own parish church or civil registration office. '''Find the location of the Catholic or Lutheran (Evangelical) parish that served your ancestor's locality.''' Find the name of the civil registration office (standesamtStandesamt) that serves your ancestor's locality. Use the Wiki article [[Finding Aids For German Records|'''Finding Aids For German Records''']] for step-by-step instructions.
Germany was first unified as a nation in 1871. An important gazetteer, [ '''''Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-lexikon des deutschen Reichs''], "Meyer's Gazetter" for short''', details the place names of villages, towns, counties (kreise), and higher jurisdictions used at that time. In the Research Wiki, FamilySearch Catalog, and FamilySearch Historical Records, the records of Germany are organized using those place names. <br>
:*To e-mail the municipality to '''verify that the civil registry for your town is there'''.
::#Consult this address list for the exact contact information, which should include an e-mail address: [ '''''']. In the horizontal menu bar, hover over "+registry office" or "+Standesämter", then the name of the modern state, for a drop-down list of links to modern cilvil registrars.
::#Send a message asking whether you have the correct office for your ancestors' home town. You can also use e-mail to request records and arrange payment. Use the [[German Letter Writing Guide|'''German Letter Writing Guide''']] to write your questions in German.
====Local Standesamt Addresses====
*[ '''Standesamt Addresses for Baden-Württemberg'''] . Use this address format:<br>
::An das Standesamt<br>
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