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== History of The Need to Request Editing the Wiki Rights ==
When the FamilySearch Research Wiki began in 2008, anyone with a FamilySearch login could edit and make changes to the Wiki. Because of spamming issues in 2016, the [[FamilySearch Wiki:Wiki Governance Council|Wiki Governance Council]] decided to lock down editing only to known legitimate users with interests in furthering the development of the Research Wiki. Thus, in June 2016, new roles were created to the Wiki called, “editor” and “page creator.” Unfortunately, because spammers had numerous Familysearch accounts, there was no way to differentiate a legitimate editor from a spammer until an edit was made. Therefore, it required that everyone who wished to edit the Wiki (including longtime Wiki editors) to make an official request giving their username and stating which Wiki page they wished to edit to solve our spamming issue. This is a one-time experience as once the Wiki roles are '''not''' changed over time.

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