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*$ and Free: [ Google books] type in the surname and another key word such as the locality, i.e. town, or county or state/province.
*[ Internet Archive] The Internet Archive has a huge collection of digitized genealogical materials, many of which are transcriptions from primary source records and others are compiled genealogies.
*The [[Introduction to the FamilySearch Catalog|FamilySearch Catalog]]  Do a "Keyword" search. This searches one of the world’s largest genealogical library holdings for published works family histories and manuscript genealogies usually cataloged by surname(for common surnames: type Place-name).
*[ GenForum] has 170 million names; quarter of million a week
*[ GenealogyBank] has the USA's largest newspaper (obit) collection of which 227 million obits have been indexed. Over 7000 newspapers available online & billions of other record entries
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