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Germans from Russia Gazetteers

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Online Sources
==Online Sources==
There are many resources available online to help researchers locate their ancestor's German colony.
'''Glückstal Colonies Research Association:''' If your ancestor's town was a part of the Glückstal colony group, the website,, will be useful to you. Use the Mother Colonies, Daughter Colonies and Chutors List found by hovering over the '''Research''' tab, and choosing '''Glückstal Colonies''' and then '''Mother Colonies, Daughter Colonies and Chutors List'''.
'''All Russia Family Tree:''' This website is in Russian, but their website offers tools such as genealogy articles, a forum to ask questions, and a surname database where you can connect with other individuals/family members searching for the same surnames. Use the Google Translate feature to help you navigate this site. Visit them at
==Published Works==
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