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Germans from Russia Gazetteers

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'''Grandma's Window:''' Online database of Mennonite place names in Prussia and South Russia. Requires a fee and registration. Visit for more information.
'''Register of German Settlements of Russia:''' This website is in Russian, but the google translate feature in the Chrome web browser can assist you in translation. Select '''Settlements (поселения)''' to access the gazetteer. The gazetteer is organized alphabetically (Cyrillic alphabet) and the Russian town names are used followed by the German variant in parentheses. Town entries include histories and links to other useful sites. Visit the website at  '''Bessarabian Village Names:''' list of villages in Bessarabia. Includes the village name, jurisdictions, parish and other information. The document is searchable using the Ctrl-F feature. The list is available through the Odessa Digital Library at
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