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Adlingfleet, Yorkshire Genealogy

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=== Parish History ===
This ancient [[England Church Records|parish]] (AP) was created before 1813. Church of England records began in 1648.
ADLINGFLEET (All Saints), a '''a parish''', in the union of Goole, Lower division of the wapentake of Osgoldcross, W. riding West Riding of York; comprising the townships of '''Eastoft''', '''Fockerby''', and '''Haldenby'''; and containing 448 inhabitants, of whom 199 are in the township of Adlingfleet, 9½ miles (S. E.) SE from Howden. There are two places of worship for '''Methodists'''.<ref>Lewis, Samuel A., ''[ A Topographical Dictionary of England]''(1848), pp. 12-15. Date accessed: 9 December 2013.</ref>
=== Resources ===
==== Civil Registration ====
==== Church records ====
'''''Online data content from chapelry registers of Adlingfleet exists at some of the following websites and for the specified ranges of years:'''''
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| bgcolor="#ffffcc" align="center" scope="col" colspan="7" | &nbsp; '''ADLINGFLEET PARISH Adlingfleet (1694) Online Parish Records'''
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For a full list of all those chapels surrounding **Chapelry** and comprising the whole ancient parish of Adlingfleet to which it was attached, be certain to see "Church Records" on the Adlingfleet page.<br>
To find the names of the neighbouring parishes, use [ England Jurisdictions 1851]. In this site, search for the name of the parish, click on the location "pin", click Options and click List contiguous parishes. <br>  <br>
==== Census records ====
==== Probate records ====
Records of wills, administrations, inventories, indexes, etc. were filed by the court with jurisdiction over this parish. Go to [[Yorkshire Probate Records|Yorkshire Probate Records]] to find the name of the court having primary jurisdiction. Scroll down in the article to the section Court Jurisdictions by Parish.
== Maps and Gazetteers ==
== Websites ==
== References ==
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