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Other Religious Groups
*[ '''Badische Ortssippenbücher''']
*[ '''Baden Ortssippenbücher:'''] This will be the most thorough list.
==Other Religious Groups==
To learn how to determine the location of other religious records, namely Jewish, French Reformed, German Reformed, etc., watch [ '''Hansen’s Map Guides: Finding Records with Parish Maps'''] beginning at 48:00 minutes, to learn how to locate these congregations. Then go back and watch from the beginning to understand how to use the reference book. Also, you can read [ '''Map Guide to German Parish Registers''']. This video and handout teach you how to use a set of reference books found at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are not in Salt Lake City, use the [ '''Contact Us'''] feature to request information from the books.
==Reading the Records==
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