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Determining the Location of a Civil Registration Office
== Determining the Location of a Civil Registration Office ==
Research your town name in [ ''''''] to find the location of the registry office (''Standesamt''). It is indicated by the abbreviation '''"StdA"'''. <span style="color:DarkViolet">''''This is the Standesamt location you will use when searching for civil registration records anywhere in the FamilySearch catalog and collections.'''</span><br>
'''However, some of the offices were merged in 1970's, so the modern record location might be different than that listed in MeyersGaz. <span style="color:DarkViolet"> When writing for records, first find the modern registrar for your town.'''*For a small town within a larger municipality:</span>
:*To find the '''current Standesamt''', go to the [ '''German Wikipedia'''], and enter the name of the town in the search box. An article about the town will start with a first line such as: "Besse with about 3200 inhabitants is the largest district of the '''''municipality Edermünde''''' in Hessian Schwalm-Eder-Kreis ." It is probable that the Standesamt is now located in the '''municipality''' (in this example Edermünde).
:*To e-mail the municipality to '''verify that the civil registry for your town is there'''.
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