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Oakland California FamilySearch Library

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| content=<B> For upcoming events go to the box on the right side of this page and click on [Calendar].
<BR> BAY AREA CHINESE Genealogy Group - Meets the Third Wednesday of every month at 10 :30 AM to 3 PM. All welcome.
<BR> EAST BAY Genealogical Society – Meets the second Wednesday of every month at 10 AM. No appointment necessary.
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!SATURDAY - JUNE 15th - Free Class - Historical Newspapers – 1:30 PM - CGS - For beginners, this class will describe why and how to find fascinating details about your ancestors' lives. Historical newspapers are particularly helpful with filling the gaps for the last decade of the 1800's. They may be the only source of an elusive maiden name. Learn about the growing number of online archives and get tips on saving images and citing them for your records. FREE FamilySearch Basics CLASSES begin 1st week of June!
See the calendar link on the right of this page or look at the June Class Schedule listed below.
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