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Ware County, Georgia Genealogy

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Populated Places
=== Populated Places ===
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit [,cfips,299,c,ware.cfm HomeTown Locator]. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:<ref>Wikipedia contributors, "Ware _County,_Georgia," in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'',,_Georgia, accessed 15 October 2019.</ref>\ {{GA Populated Places Introplaces<!--cities column------------------->| cities-col1=<div></div>*[,_Georgia Waycross]| cities-col2=<div></div>| cities-col3=<div></div><!--unincorp column------------------->| unincorp-col1=<div></div>*[,_Georgia Beach]*[,_Georgia Bickley]*[,_Georgia Bolen]*[,_Georgia Dixie Union]| unincorp-col2=<div></div>*[,_Georgia Fairfax]*[,_Georgia Manor]*[,_Georgia Millwood]|Wareunincorp-col3=<div></div>*[,_Georgia Ruskin]*[,_Georgia Skullhead]*[,_Georgia Waresboro]<!--census column------------------->| census-col1=<div></div>*[,_Georgia Deenwood]| census-col2=<div></div>*[,_Georgia Sunnyside]| census-col3=<div></div> }}
=== History Timeline ===
{{GA Church Intro|Ware}}
'''''LDS Ward and Branch Recordsof The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints'''''<br>
=== Family History Centers ===
{{Family History Centers Intro}}
*[[Introduction to Family History Centers]]
=== Libraries ===
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