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Baker County, Georgia Genealogy

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*'''1808-1967''' {{RecordSearch|1674807|Georgia Marriages 1808-1967}} at [ FamilySearch] — index
*'''1828-1978''' [ Georgia Marriage Records from Select Counties 1828-1978] at [ Ancestry] — index and images ($)
*'''1874-1895''' Baker County Marriage Index 1874-1895. Batch {{IGI|M712031}} at FamilySearch.<ref>Genealogical Society of Utah, ''Parish and Vital Records List'' (July 1998). Microfiche. Digital version at [[Media:Igigeorgiaad.pdf|]].</ref>
*'''1901-1925''' Baker County Marriage Index 1901-1925. Batch {{IGI|M002537}} at FamilySearch
*'''1925-1944''' Baker County Marriage Index 1925-1944. Batch {{IGI|M002536}} at FamilySearch
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