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== Introduction ==
== Internet Sources ==
*{{RecordSearch|3535185Utah, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Church History Library, Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company Financial Accounts, 1849-1886}} — index
Two sites that will be helpful in searching for your ancestors who participated in the Perpetual Emigration Fund include the following:
*'''Mormon Historic Sites Foundation''' - ['''Mormon Historic Sites Foundation''']
**The foundation's Fall 2000 issue of "Mormon Historical Studies” included a reprint of a report that was published in 1877 titled, [ ''Names of Persons and Sureties Indebted to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company from 1850 to 1877 Inclusive'']." The authors were Richard L. Jensen and Maurine Carr Ward.
*'''Tracing Mormon Pioneers'''- ['''Tracing Mormon Pioneers'''] {| style="float:right; |- |{{MormonLDSRemoval}} |} *The index of LDS pioneer Mormon Pioneer ancestors on this website includes the pioneer names from the original 1877 publication in addition to many other records that document LDS pioneersMormon Pioneers.
== Family History Library Sources ==
* [ The Emigrating Fund in Europe] (Source: ''Prelude to the Kingdom'' by Gustive O. Larson, Pages 155-167)
* [ Heritage Gateways - Perpetual Emigration Fund (D.U.P. material)]
* [ Mode of Conducting the Migration] - This article by church historian Andrew Jenson first appeared in the LDS The Church periodical, The Contributor, Volume 13 (1892) pages 181-185.
* [ article about the Perpetual Emigration Fund]
* [,7989,1325--0-2235,00.html LDS Philanthropies – Family Gathers to Repay PEF]
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