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Fairfax County, Virginia Genealogy

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According to the 2000 census, the 13 largest communities in Fairfax County by population are all unincorporated.<br>
==== Maps and Gazetteers ====
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== Fairfax County Virginia Genealogy Resources ==
==== Maps ====
{{VA Neighboring Counties Intro|county={{VA Fairfax County}}}}
*Mitchell, Beth and Donald M. Sweig. ''An Interpretive Historical Map of Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1760: Showing Landowners, Tenants, Slave Owners, Churches, Roads, Ordinaries, Ferries, Mills, Tobacco Inspection Warehouses and the Towns of Alexander and Colchester''. Virginia: Office of Comprehensive Planning, County of Fairfax, 1987. Available at {{FHL|562957|title-id|disp=FHL}}.
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