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→‎Church History Library and Archives Sources: I updated the CHL section since some of the information was out of date. I also included links to the original ledgers for those interested.
*The Tracing Mormon Pioneers website has included the names from the original 1877 publication in their online index of pioneer immigration records
== Church History Library and Archives Sources ==
The original financial ledgers of the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company are available at the Church History Library and Archivesas [ CR 376 2]. Every person who benefited from the PEF were not included in the ledgers. The information that was included in the ledgers includes:
*Name of the person who emigrated from Britain.
*The amount repaid.
An index to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company ledgers is available at the Church History Library and Archives reference room in Salt Lake City. If you do not live near the Library, you can write their staff using their [ Ask Us] form and ask if your ancestor's names are in the PEF Ledgers Ledger Index. The e-mail address is []
== Additional Information ==
Numerous sites on the Internet provide some historical background about the Perpetual Emigration Fund Company. : * Gordon B. Hinckley, “[$fn=default.htm The Perpetual Education Fund],” April 2001 Conference Talk  * Wikipedia article, "[ Perpetual Emigration Fund]"  * [ History to Go at]  * [ The Emigrating Fund in Europe] (Source: ''Prelude to the Kingdom'' by Gustive O. Larson, Pages 155-167)  * [ Heritage Gateways - Perpetual Emigration Fund (D.U.P. material)]  * [ Mode of Conducting the Migration] - This article by church historian Andrew Jenson first appeared in the LDS periodical, The Contributor, Volume 13 (1892) pages 181-185.  * [ article about the Perpetual Emigration Fund]  * [,7989,1325--0-2235,00.html LDS Philanthropies – Family Gathers to Repay PEF]
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