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Trollenäs Parish, Malmöhus, Sweden Genealogy

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Before 1898 Trollenäs parish was known as Näs (in Onsjö härad.) In 1899 the name was changed to Trollnäs. In 1857 the parish of Gullarp was combined into Näs (Trollnäs.) It`s records are found in Gullarp parish and in Trollenäs parish. In Arkiv Digital the parish records are found under Näs parish.
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| Stift = Lund
| Pastorat = - 1500´s its own pastorat, 1500´s - 1857 mother parish in Näs (Trollenäs) and Gullarps pastorat, 1857 Gullarp was combined into Näs, 1857 - 1946 it´s own, 1947 - 1961 mother parish Trollenäs, Bosarp and Västra Strö, 1962 - 1991 annex parish Stehag, Trollenäs, Bosarp and Västra Strö, 1992 - 2001 annex parish Stehag, Trollenäs, Bosarp, Västra Strö and Billinge pastorat, 2002 combined into Östra Onsjö parish.
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