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| width="10%" | <center>[[United States Obituaries|Obituaries]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ Alabama Obituary FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | Obituaries often include the birth date birthdate and place of the deceased.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Alabama Military Records|Military Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ Alabama Military FS Collections]</u></center>
| width="75%" | May provide Post-Civil War records may include the age date and/or place of birth date of the individuals who served in military positions.
| width="10%" | <center>[[United States Bible Records|Bible Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center>See Wiki page</center>
| width="75%" | May Family bibles may include dates and places of birth for family members, however the accuracy of this information is contingent upon when the information was recorded.
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