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England Church Records

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=== Marriages ===
Couples 60% of the time married in the bride’s parish. Typically, the English married in their 20's. You may find records that show a couple’s “intent to marry” in addition to the records of the actual marriage. Sometimes, however, the couple registered their intent to marry but never married. Church of England parish register marriage records usually contain:
* Marriage date 
* Name of the bride and groom 
*BT's were on separate pieces of parchment and some may have been lost over the years.
*BT's may survive where the parish registers do not.
*Entries may have been accidently skipped or mis-transcribed when the record was copied for the BT's. The current location of original bishop’s transcripts is given in:  Gibson, J. S. W. ''Bishops’'' ''Transcripts and Marriage Licences, Bonds and Allegations.'' Fourth Edition. Birmingham, England: Federation of Family History Societies Publications, Limited, 1997. (FHL book {{FHL|682076|title-id|disp=942 K23b 1997}}.)
Many bishop’s transcripts are on film at the Family History Library, listed in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalogue under:
England, [county name], [parish name] - Church records<br>
Most films contain all the years for one parish on one film. However, some are arranged by deanery and year. Those arranged by year and then by deanery are listed in the Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalogue under:
{{details3|[[England and Wales Poor Law Records Pre-1834]] and [[England and Wales Poor Law Records 1834-1948]]|poor law records}}
FamilySearch Help Center online lesson: [ '''England Parish Chest Records''']
== Accessing England Church Records ==
=== What Exists Accessing Records ===The following sites provide information about what first step is to find out which records exist survive for each the parishyou are researching. The problem is then to access these records. following places are useful for this:
* [ GENUKI Church Database]
* Each parishes page on this wiki
* The parishes entry on the [ FamilySearch Catalog] * The county archive or record officeOnce you know what records exist, the next step is usually complete up to 1837access those records. The easiest way to find records for a particular ancestor is to use an index or transcript of the records. If these are not available then you'll need to browse the original records manually to find records of interest. Both can often be done online, though many websites required a subscription, or can be used for free only at public libraries and Family History Centers (FHCs).
=== Major Websites === The table below includes mostly Anglican and some Nonconformist church original records that are online usually stored at the following major genealogy sites: [ FamilySearch] , [ Ancestry county record offices ($Anglican)] , [ FindMyPast ($)] and [ or The Genealogist National Archives ($non-conformist)] . For each county these websites are ranked under A few may remain in custody of the "Index Online" column according to their number of entries from largest to smallest (left to right)parish, or at local archives or museums.
Ancestry, FindMyPast and TheGenealogist are all subscription websites, but can be viewed at Family History Centers (FHCs) and at many public libraries.=== Major Resources ===
*The resources are prioritized from left to right, with the left column containing the most complete coverage for the county.*Percentages in brackets indicate the approximate percentage of the records included in that collection. Many collections will have a table or index showing the specific parishes and years they have records for. *OPC is an abbreviation for Online Parish Clerks, a group of websites that transcribes parish records and make them freely available online, and FHS is an abbreviation for Family History Society. *Many of these collections have the baptisms, marriages and burials on separate webpages. Links to the resources from all this table are always to the baptisms. *A free account is required to access FamilySearch, and some of the images on their websites can only be viewed at FHCs or Affiliate Libraries. Note that See the next section for information about records formerly part of the IGI are excluded from this table. See the next section for those records.
Few, if any, of these collections will be 100% complete.
 {| class="wikitable" width| bgcolor="100%#f9eb81" cellspacingwidth="1" cellpadding="1" border="015%"|'''County(pre-1974)'''|'''Index Online'''|'''Images linked to Index'''signifies index only
|bgcolor="#90dded" width="15%"|
|signifies index with images attached
| Non-conformist bgcolor="#ffcccc" width="15%" ||signifies images only|}<br>{| class="wikitable" width="75%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="0"| width="10%" bgcolor="#b4bec4" align="left" |'''County (RG4pre-81974)'''| [[England_and_Wales_Nonconformist_Record_Indexes_(RGA_4-8)_,1588-1977_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records)width="15%" bgcolor="#b4bec4" align="left" |'''Best coverage'''| width="15%" bgcolor="#b4bec4" align="left" || width="15%" bgcolor="#b4bec4" align="left" || width="15%" bgcolor="#b4bec4" align="left" |FamilySearch]], Ancestry, The Genealogist, FindMyPast'''Less Coverage'''|width="15%" bgcolor="#b4bec4" align="left" |'''Offline Records'''
| Bedfordshire
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[ FamilySearch]](98%)
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Bedfordshire Archives] ($ or in person)
| Berkshire
|FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch](70%)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast]($)
|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Berkshire Record Office] (in person)
| Buckinghamshire
|FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch](50%)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast]($)
|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies] (in person)
| Cambridgeshire |bgcolor="#f9eb81" | [ Cambridgeshire FHS]|bgcolor="#90dded" |[[England, Cambridgeshire Bishop's Transcripts _Cambridgeshire_Bishop%27s_Transcripts_(FamilySearch Historical RecordsFamilySearch_Historical_Records)|FamilySearch]], (70%) |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|FamilySearchbgcolor="#90dded" |[ Cambridgeshire FHS] CDs ($). Can be accessed for free at the [ FHL] in Salt Lake City.
| Cheshire
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[, Cheshire Parish Registers FamilySearch] (FamilySearch Historical 70%)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|FamilySearch,bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Cheshire Parish Register Project] FindMyPast, Ancestry| FindMyPast
| Cornwall
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch] |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[England, Cornwall Parish Registers OPC] |bgcolor="#f9eb81" | [ FreeReg] (FamilySearch Historical Records85%, mostly marriages)|FamilySearchbgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast]], FindMyPast($)|FamilySearch
| Cumberland
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[ FamilySearch]](80%)
| Derbyshire
|Ancestry, bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast, [[England, Derbyshire, Parish Registers ] (85%) (FamilySearch Historical Records$)|bgcolor="#90dded" |{{RecordSearch|1911752|FamilySearch}}|bgcolor="#90dded" |[]]($)||FamilySearch
| Devon
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast, ] ($)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[[England, Devon_Devon, Parish Registers _Parish_Registers_(FamilySearch Historical RecordsFamilySearch_Historical_Records)|FamilySearch]](50%)|||FamilySearch, FindMyPast
| Dorset
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[[England, Dorset_Dorset, Parish Registers _Parish_Registers_(FamilySearch Historical RecordsFamilySearch_Historical_Records)|FamilySearch]], |bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Ancestry, .com] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast, The Genealogist] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ TheGenealogist] ($)| FamilySearch, Ancestry
| Durham
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[ FamilySearch]|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast], FindMyPast, The Genealogist, ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FreeReg, ] (25%) |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Durham Records onlineOnline]| FamilySearchbgcolor="#90dded" |[ Durham Record Office] (in person)
| Essex
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[England, Essex Parish Registers _Essex_Parish_Registers_(FamilySearch_Historical_Records)|FamilySearch Historical ]]|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ TheGenealogist] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |FamilySearch][ Essex OPC], The Genealogist, Ancestry| FamilySearch bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Essex Record Office] (BTs$)or in person.
| Gloucestershire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Ancestry, FindMyPast, The Genealogist, [.com] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ TheGenealogist] ($)|| Ancestrybgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Bath and Avon FHS] ($) CDs
| Hampshire
| {{RecordSearchbgcolor="#90dded" |2640059[[Hampshire_Church_Records|FamilySearch}} The Genealogist, ]] |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ TheGenealogist] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast ] ($)| {{RecordSearchbgcolor="#f9eb81" |2640059[ Hampshire Record Office marriage index] (mostly complete)|FamilySearch}}
| Herefordshire |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[http /search/collection/location/1986340?region=England FamilySearch] FindMyPast(80%)|
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ HARC] (in person)
| Hertfordshire
|FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch](90%)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast] ($)||| FindMyPast
| Huntingdonshire
|FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast] ($) (burials)
|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Huntingdonshire Archives] (in person)
| Kent
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[[England, Kent_Kent, Parish Registers _Parish_Registers_(FamilySearch Historical RecordsFamilySearch_Historical_Records)|FamilySearch]], |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast, ] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Kent OPC]| Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindMyPast,
| Lancashire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[] ($)*|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[England, Lancashire_Lancashire, Parish Registers _Parish_Registers_(FamilySearch Historical RecordsFamilySearch_Historical_Records)|FamilySearch]], Ancestry, |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Lancashire OPC]|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast ] (Manchesteronly) ($)|Ancestry, FamilySearch (for Manchester)
| Leicestershire |FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch](40%) |bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|||FindMyPastbgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Leicestershire and Rutland FHS] (70%)
| Lincolnshire
|FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[, Lincolnshire Parish Registers FamilySearch] (FamilySearch Historical Records85%)|FamilySearchbgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FreeReg](82%) |bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast], FreeReg ($)|| FindMyPast
| London*
|Ancestry, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]] (90%)| bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Ancestry, FamilySearch .com] (see Middlesex below$), FindMyPast|||
| Middlesex
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Ancestry, .com] (60%) ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[England, Middlesex, Westminster, Parish Registers FindMyPast] (FamilySearch Historical Records$)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]], FindMyPast, | Ancestry, FamilySearch (Westminster, Middlesex), FindMyPast|
| Norfolk
|Ancestry, bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[England, Norfolk Bishop's Transcripts FreeReg] (FamilySearch Historical Records75%) |FamilySearchbgcolor="#90dded" |[]], FindMyPast, The Genealogist ($)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ England FamilySearch], The Genealogist, Ancestry, |bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|
| Northamptonshire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Ancestry, .com] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FreeReg] (71%) | Ancestrybgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Northamptonshire FHS]||bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[,773981-11 FHL] has Northamptonshire CDs
| Northumberland
|FindMyPast, [bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[, Northumberland, Parish Registers FamilySearch] (FamilySearch Historical Records85%) |FamilySearchbgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast]], FreeReg, The Genealogist ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" | [[England, Northumberland, Parish Registers FreeReg] (FamilySearch Historical Records80%)|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ FamilySearch]]|
| Nottinghamshire
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FreeReg] (90%) |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Ancestry, .com] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast, FreeReg, The Genealogist, [] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]]|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Nottinghamshire Archives]
| Oxfordshire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch] (85%)||Ancestry|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Oxfordshire FHS]
| Rutland
|FindMyPast, bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FamilySearch] (80%)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[England, Rutland Parish Registers, 1538 Records/rutland-baptisms FindMyPast] (FamilySearch Historical Records$)||FamilySearch]]|FindMyPast
| Shropshire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]], FindMyPast| FindMyPast||
| Somerset
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Ancestry, FindMyPast, .com] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FreeReg] (85%)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[, Bristol Parish Registers FamilySearch] (FamilySearch Historical Records30%)|FamilySearch]bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast] (Bristol$)|Ancestry
| Staffordshire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FamilySearch] (85%)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[England, Staffordshire, Church /staffordshire-baptisms FindMyPast] (FamilySearch Historical Records$)|FamilySearchbgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FreeReg]], FindMyPast(85%)|| FamilySearch, FindMyPast
| Suffolk
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[ FamilySearch](65%)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast], FindMyPast($)
|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Suffolk Record Office] (in person)
| Surrey
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[] (70%) ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[England, Surrey Parish Registers FindMyPast] (FamilySearch Historical Records$)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FamilySearch]], Ancestry, FindMyPast| Ancestry|
| Sussex
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch] (65%)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[England, Sussex, Parish Registers OPC]|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ TheGenealogist] (FamilySearch Historical Records$)|FamilySearchbgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast]], Ancestry, FindMyPast ($) (burials)|Ancestry
| Warwickshire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[] ($)*|bgcolor="#90dded" |[England, Warwickshire, Parish Registers ( FamilySearch Historical ] |bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast] ($)|FamilySearch]bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ Warwickshire OPC], Ancestry, FindMyPast| FamilySearch, Ancestry, FindMyPast
| Westmorland
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[ FamilySearch]](70%)
|bgcolor="#ffcccc" |[ Kendal Archival Center] (in person)
| Wiltshire
|Ancestry, bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FindMyPast, ] ($)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch] (50%)|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ / FreeReg], (80%)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[[FamilySearch]], Nimrod Marr. Index ($)|Ancestry
| Worcestershire
|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[[ FamilySearch](75%)|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ TheGenealogist], The Genealogist ($)||
| Yorkshire
|bgcolor="#90dded" |[ Ancestry .com] ($) (West Yorkshire), FindMyPast, [|bgcolor="#f9eb81" |[ FamilySearch]](75%)| Ancestry bgcolor="#90dded" |[ FindMyPast] (West Yorkshire$), FindMyPast||
* Ancestry also has records for Birmingham and Manchester separate from the records for Warwickshire and Lancashire respectively.
* What is now London was formerly Middlesex, and portions of northeast Surrey, northwest Kent, and West Ham, in Essex.
*[[Media:A Hand List of Online England County-wide Indexes P Dunn Jul 2017 JMR (002).pdf|List of Online England and Wales Church Records]] - additional list of best websites for Church Records with number of records per website
=== IGI ===
Starting in 1973, FamilySearch created a major index called the [[International Genealogical Index|IGI]] (IGIInternational Genealogical Index). It contained both indexed/extracted church register name entries as well as user submitted records (the forerunner to online family treesthe FamilySearch's Family Tree).
The records that were extracted from original source documents were only ever a small fraction of all existing records, though in some areas a majority of records were included. No original images are included. The records are arranged in batches and sometimes it is useful to know what batches correspond to a particular place. [ Archersoftware], while a few years out of date, provides batch information for the entire British Isles. Many, sometimes even a majority of records, were indexed for Bedfordshire, Berkshire, ... (cull list to 5-10 counties). There are still millions of records for the other counties, and every single county is included.
To do a general search of these recordsold (IGI) database of submitted entries as well as old indexed names, see the followingor use the general [https: // '''FamilySearch'''] search engine
* [ England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975], index, incomplete. Also at [], [ MyHeritage], ($)
*[ England, Boyd's Marriage Indexes, 1538-1850], ($), index
*[ England, Pallot's Marriage Index, 1780 - 1837], ($), index
*[]- provides links to some countywide online church registers databases
*[ Society of Genealogists] ($) have many transcriptions of church records, members only
=== Non-Conformists ===
*'''1777 - 1936''' - {{RecordSearch|1719223|England, Bristol, Non-Conformist Church Records, 1777-1936}} at [ FamilySearch] — index and images* [] ($) FHL Subscription (Free indexes and images '''1840-1894''' - {{RecordSearch|2806100|England, Northamptonshire, Non-conformist Records, 1840-1894}} at the FHL)* [http <font color="#800080"></font>search FamilySearch]— index* [ England and Wales Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8), 1588-1977], index and images* [ 1841 England &amp; Wales Non, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Births 1578-Conformist Births and Baptisms1841], ($), indexand images*[ England &amp; Wales, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Births Marriages 1578-1841], ($), index and images*[ England &amp; Wales, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Marriages Burials 1578-1841], ($), index and images*[ births-and-baptisms England &amp; Wales Non-Conformist BurialsBirths and Baptisms], ($), index *[http England & Wales Non-Conformist Marriages], ($), index*[ burials England &amp; WalesNon-Conformist Burials], ($), index *[ England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms], ($), index and images*[ England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages], Society Of Friends (Quaker$) , index and images*[ England Roman Catholic Parish Burials 1578-1841], ($), indexand images*[] ($) FHL Subscription (Free indexes and images at the FHL)*[ <font color="#800080"></font>]
=== Military, Overseas and Maritime Records ===
*[ <font color="#800080"></font>]- links to millions of entries from many&nbsp;areas of England; many are at no cost
*[ <font color="#0066cc"></font>]&nbsp;- indexed and transcribed records for the Forest of Dean area in Gloucerstershire
*[ Marriage Locator]: Helps to locate the church where the marriage took place
*[ Parish Registers and Phillimore Marriage records] hundreds of parish registers and other BMD transcripts in&nbsp;their collection, and they are working to put them all online.
=== Offline Indexes ===
Indexes to church records have been published by family history societies in England. Read more in the [[England Societies|Societies]] article.
*Some county record offices hold in-house and sometimes, online indexes to their own records holdings. Contact via e-mail, mail, telephone or fax.
*Many family history societies have published in booklet-form, or on microfiche, or on CD-ROM numerous countywide or parish church records transcriptions and indexes.
The Library does hold some records relevant to genealogy, but it is unlikely to be the best starting point for such research. The Library holds very few parish registers, however it does hold records relating to those marriages where a licence was issued under the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Library has written a research guide on the family history records it holds, and a guide to the marriage records in its collections:
[ Lambeth Palace] Family History [ Lambeth Palace Library] Marriage records
For further information on the Library’s collections and services, please see its website: [ Lambeth Palace]
== Locating Church Records of England Parish Boundaries ==
To find an ancestor in church records, you should know their religion and the parish where they lived. The Place Search on the FamilySearch Catalog usually uses the parish names as given in ''The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales.'' See [[England Gazetteers | England Gazetteers]] for this source and other help in finding a parish. Also see the [ England & Wales Jurisdictions 1851] map to locate the parish. Be aware that local residents sometimes referred to their parish by the name of the parish patron saint, rather than by the location of the parish. In cities where there is more than one parish, the FamilySearch Catalog uses the patron saint's name with the name of the city to identify records of different parishes.
Copies of Parish maps can help you determine which parish registers may be available in manuscript or published formto search. Transcriptions or abstracts may have errors, so always compare the transcript Maps will reveal neighboring parishes to search if your ancestor is not listed in the original parish register if availablewhere you expected him or her to be. See [[England Maps|England Maps]] for more information.
Individuals and societies collect and compiles copies of parish registers. The Society of Genealogists in London has an extensive collection of transcribed registers (from both parish registers and bishop's transcripts). The Family History Library has an extensive collection of microfilmed and digitized copies of original parish registers and bishop's transcripts.  Some sources that describe the location or survival of most church records are:  *''Lists of Non-parochial Registers and Records in the Custody of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages''. London, England: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1859. (FHL film {{FHL|281054|title-id|disp=355544}}.) This volume from the Public Record Office series, Lists and Indexes, series tells which pre-1837 nonconformist parish registers are in the Public Record Office. See the [[England Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]] article in the Wiki for the address. *Humphery-Smith, Cecil R., ''The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers''. Second Edition. Chichester, Sussex, England: Phillimore &amp; Co., 1995. (FHL book {{FHL|752598|title-id|disp=942 E7pa 1995}}.) This gives the location and repository address for each parish register. *''Parish Register Abstract''. England: House of Commons, 1833. (FHL book {{FHL|428054|title-id|disp=Q 942 X2gbc}}; film {{FHL|428054|title-id|disp=599640 items 1–2}}.) This book shows which pre-1813 parish registers existed in 1831. *Steel, Donald J., et al. ''National Index of Parish Registers.'' 13 Volumes. Chichester, England: Phillimore &amp; Company, Limited, 1968–. (FHL book {{FHL|385700|title-id|disp=942 V26ste}}.) This index helps identify church records and congregations. Not all counties are published yet. *Youngs, Frederic A., Jr. ''Guide to the Local Administrative Units''. London, England: Royal Historical Society, 1979, 1991. (FHL {{FHL|158240|title-id|disp=942 C4rg no. 10, 17}}.) This guide helps identify Church of England ecclesiastical jurisdictions and gives an outline history of changes to the parishes. === Search Strategies =and Tips ==
As you search church records, use the following strategies:
*Search indexes first (where available) *Search both Church of England parish registers, and bishops’ transcripts, and all as either may contain entries missing from the other available records for the time period. *Note all entries, including burials, in the parish registers for the surname of interest unless the name is very common.
*Note gaps or missing pages in the record. This may suggest that you should search alternative records for that time period.
*If the church records do not contain enough information, search for hints (residence, occupation, and so on) that suggest other records to search.
*If you find little or no mention of your family in Church of England parish records, search neighboring parishes and nonconformist records. *Search both However before 1837 non-Anglicans were supposed to marry in the Church of England parish registers and bishops’ transcripts, as either may contain entries missing from the otheronly exception being Jews and Quakers.  Some church records have been destroyed by fire, lost, stolen, defaced, or damaged by dampness or aging. To protect their records, most parishes have deposited their early registers in county *If a marriage record offices. Addresses of indicates the county record offices are given in: Humphery-Smith, Cecil R., ''The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers''. Second Edition. Chichester, Sussex: Phillimore & Companymarriage was by license, 1995. (FHL book {{FHL|752598|title-id|disp=942 E7pa 1995}}.)  Parish maps it can help you determine which parish be very worthwhile to search. Maps will reveal neighbouring parishes to search if your ancestor is not listed in find the parish where you expected him or her to be. See [[England Maps|England Maps]] for more informationmarriage license.  If church records cannot be found in the various online databases listed above, search for the parish or church on the FamilySearch Catalog (also mentioned above). If the church record is still *Remember that baptism was not found look at smalleralways a few days after birth, local archives and repositories. The following types of repositories often answer mail requests for information: <br> '''County record office''': contact could occur when the county record office to determine the procedure for searching recordschild was several years old.<br> '''Local parish''': parishes will generally answer correspondence when a small donation is enclosed. Ask that your request be forwarded if the records When siblings are now in a repository. To find parish addressesbaptized together, consult a church directorythis does not mean they were born together. See [[England Church Directories | Church Directories]].<br> '''Other archives''': some church *Older records may use handwriting styles that are in libraries, museums, or other repositories. When writing difficult to England for genealogical informationread, be as concise as possible. Do not add unnecessary history about the family you are researching. If staff members at the archive cannot look up the requested information, ask them to send you and therefore take a list lot of recommended researcherspractice and learning to successfully decipher. Send the following with your request: *An international money order for the search fee and postage or a donation Naming traditions were often used to the church *name children. The full name most common and sex of best followed is that the oldest son is named after the person sought fathers father. *The names fathers of the parents, if known *The event you illegitimate children are looking foroften unknown, with approximate date and place yet alone recorded. *Request for Women will be referred to by their married surnames. Only a complete copy (or photocopy) small proportion of baptism records will record the original recordmother's maiden name.  If your request is not answered, write *It was traditional to marry in the local family history society and ask if one residence of their members would do the search for youbride. See the [[England Societies|<u>Societies</u>]] article However Banns still had to be posted in every parish both parties had resided in the Wikirecently.
== Research Guidance ==
'''Research Tools''' FamilySearch Help Center Online Lessons:'''
*[ '''England Beginning Research Series Lesson 4: Understanding Church Records''']
*[ '''Church of England Church Records Part 1''']
*[ '''Church of England Church Records Part 2''']
*[ '''England Nonconformist Church Records'''] - Parts 1 and 2
*[ '''England Parish Chest Records''']
== Related Web Pages ==
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