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 {{GR Start hereUser:Beccac1229/Sandbox5| Vital typefirst_time=Birth'''Before 1855'''| Number of search linkslink1=1| Search link 1=15641553-19501855: <u>[https://searchwww.scotlandspeople.ancestrygov.comuk/advanced-search/db.aspx?dbid=60143 church/births-baptisms '''<u>Scotland, Select Church Registers - Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950''']</u>at ScotlandsPeople ($)|second_time='''From 1855''']| Website 1link2=Ancestry| 1855-1917: <!u>[ Current optionssearch#{%22category%22: FamilySearch%22statutory%22, Ancestry, FindMyPast, or blank -%22record%22:%22statutory-births%22} '''Statutory Register of Births''']</u>at ScotlandsPeople ($)
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Vital type=Birth|
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