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| style="width:50%; border:2px solid black; padding:7px; vertical-align:top" | <center>'''Church Records and Vital Records''' </center> <br> <center><span style="color: #cc9999">'''''Births, Baptisms, or Christenings; Marriages; Deaths or Burials'''''</span></center><br>
*{{RecordSearch|1640373| Switzerland, Church Records, 1277-1992}}. Images, no indexes. Incomplete. Also includes confirmation records and family books.
*{{RecordSearch|1790933| Switzerland, Church Book Extracts, 1550-1875}} Images, no index. Incomplete.<br>
*[ Switzerland, Baptisms, 1491-1940]., ($). Index. Incomplete.
*{{RecordSearch|1520589| Switzerland, Marriages, 1532-1910}}. FamilySearch Historical Records. Only a few localities are included. Index. Incomplete. *[ Switzerland, Marriages, 1532-1910]. My, ($). Only a few localities are includedIndex. IndexIncomplete.
*[ Switzerland, Marriages, 1532-1910]., ($). Incomplete. Index.
*{{RecordSearch|1520590| Switzerland Burials, 1613-1875}}. FamilySearch Historical Records Index. Only a few localities are included. IndexIncomplete. *[ Switzerland Burials, 1613-1875]., ($). Only a few localities are included Index. IndexIncomplete. *[ Switzerland Burials, 1613-1875]. Incomplete. Index., ($).<br>
<center>'''Church Books by Canton'''</center>
*[ Appenzell Ausserrhoden Church Records] online.
* [ Canton Baselland Basel-Land Church Records] online. Records with an asterisk are available for viewing online. These records are available through the [ Staatsarchiv Baselland] website.
*[ Canton Genève Church Records and Civil Registration]
*[ Canton Schaffhausen Church Records]
*[ Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (Historisch-Biographisches Lexikon Der Schweiz)], 1934.<br><br>
*[ The Family Name Book of the Swiss (Famielennamenbuch der Schweiz)]. Citizenship in Switzerland was held by specific town. This book lists all the towns in which a families with particular surname were found.<br><br>
<center>'''Civil Registration'''</center>
*{{RecordSearch|1883390|Switzerland, Bern, Civil Registration, 1792-1876}} — index and images<br><br>
*[ Index to the genealogies of Dr. Julius Billeter].
*[ GEDCOM Index, Switzerland]
*[ Staatsarchiv Uri], families researched in church records.
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